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Members Meeting: WED, July 24, 7:00pm --- GRAND AVE SPACE

Time for the members meeting!

We will be meeting at Bucketworks Summer Camp in the Grand Ave at 7pm. We will be discussing both current and future digs. Beverage will be provided, but feel free to bring eats.

Hope to see you there!


Rummage sale

I saw the announcement on the webpage; is there any specific information that the members/participants need to know?

Where in the building are we setting up? When should we start putting sale items together?

Are we each asking specific prices, or are we going with an "everything's a dollar" idea?

Do the individual members keep their proceeds, or are we pooling the moneys toward Bucketwoks 4.0?

I plan to be in Friday evening to drag stuff to the sale floor, unless the overall plan is different.





Cable yanking

Dan, what time are you pulling cable out today?

Bucketworks 4

Hey fellas,

Are there any updates on the new space? What's going on?

Who Took ArtWorks' Hand Truck?

We had a loverly hand truck near our basement storage area, which has now disappeared.  If you have seen it, please let me know; here's a link to what it looks like:



Coast In Bikes In-Kind Offer for a New Bicycle for a Loan


Coast In Bikes is doing a second round of loans to bring in new bike lines. We have opened the offer to Fund Milwaukee but also people can do a peer-to-peer loan between just Coast In Bikes and the lender.

We are offering an in-kind offer of a bike deal for investors. Any new bike of the investors choice will be available from the bike lines we are bringing in for cost +10%. The investor can do as many bicycles as they wish, however, the loan amount must be double the cost of bicycle. 

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Free Fuel Milwaukee Membership for the next 24 hours.

For anybody that might be interested.


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Anyone with a truck with a hitch available on July 4th

I relize this is last minuite however,

Im trying to locate soemone with a truck and is willing to help me move on july 4th  from one place to anouther. Food and gas monney would be provided for anyone that is willing to help out. I have a trailer allready and just am missing a truck at this point.



Dan Walters


Bike Shop Events this Sunday and Tuesday!

Tomorrow we're having a group ride to the Tosa Dairyland races at 3p and then Tuesday night from 7p to 10p having our first DIY Community Shop Night. AKA fix your own bike and use our shop night. $10/hr.


~Coast In Bikes

Bike Shop Printer...

Our printer is no longer connecting to our computer and seems to be a hardware issue. Does anybody have a printer they are looking to sell (with a scanner) or is good at repairing printers? 

Figured I would check with the community before purchasing a new one online.


Carolyn & Tristan

Need help?


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