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Mount and install camera system

Task: Mount and install camera system

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Sunday, Feb 12


From discussions with Tim, Dan, and Dave B:

  • 8 cameras
  • 5 on entry points: front door, gallery door, garage door, loading dock, elevator
  • 3 on stairwells - top of kitchen, top of co-working, top of gallery
  • Power supplies for cameras (cubes)

= Cost - $250

= Value - Bucketworks is more secure, cameras are visible on key areas

I'm not sure if Dan has an account here on Atrium!

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just wanted to inform u james that i do :). Once supplys show up ill get working on it.


cables have been ran for the bottom floor. And ends have been placed on them.

Will need to get a hole saw or something for a the cameras that want to be placed by the doors.


three of the four: cameras are now active on the first floor need to wait for hardware to show up for the last camera.


cam4 is now live


setup two more cams on other drv as of right now there is no net access to the devices.


What's the new static IP for Bucketworks? I'm standing by to update to point to this; could we also / instead do '' also as a subdomain pointing to this IP? 


Ok, IP address changed for DNS. Also adding entry for '' to point to that. (Sounds less lame than 'place')


Status: Open»Resolved