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Improve internet connectivity

Task: Improve internet connectivity

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Sunday, Feb 12


From discussion with Tim, Dan, and Dave B:

$200 - battery backup

3 more APs - donate from DC414

New router - donate from DC414

= Value - goes up to 50x5, stable, fast

= Cost - $200


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Waiting on Access points/ router.

Allready have a 48 port 10/100/1000 cisco switch at bucketworks.

We are still looking for one more switch for the wiki workshop.

Ill see what i can find around here but may need to buy one.


90% of the hardware is now at bucketworks.

In the wiki workshop we added a half rack to hold some networking equiptment and a switch.

Power needs to be moved or added to this rack before i can do anyfurther on that end of things.



Durring the night i Upgraded most of bucketworks network to new equiptment.

Im still waiting on the router to recover from its castsrapic fail earlyer this morring.

i would suspect by then end of this weekend we should be back where we should be in terms of speeds :).


its offical bucketworks now has 50 mb serivce :)


added a acceptable use policy to all wireless networks will have to hit continue once a day till we remove the Bucketworks(unsecure) network.

pro member now also has higher proirties  in terms of speed then bucketwork_guest.


I don't know if this is intentional, but I connect via straight up ethernet cable and my network speed got significantly slower this morning.  I did a connection test last week and got 50 / 4.5.  I just tried the same test again right now and I got 1 / 1.

If that's intentional, I'm totally cool with that, since I understand rate limiting shared connections so that everyone gets a fair shot.  But if it's not intentional, it'd be great to have the speed back. ;-)


hum... well i did enable rate limitations... but it should have been porporinal to the number of users on the network ill take a second look at it latter and see if  i can find anything that would do this.


Heh, I can guarantee you that I was the only person on the network at the time.  I haven't seen anyone else here yet today. ;-)

But maybe it has to do with the way I'm connected?  Because I'm not coming in through either wireless.  I guess I'll experiment with the WiFi in a moment...


Just tried with the "Bucketworks" wifi and got 1.0 / 0.645. I couldn't get connected to Pro Member, it says the password I have is wrong. Truthfully, I haven't used that network in a long time so the password I have might just be out of date. I'd write it here but it's a public forum. :-) Dan, if you can send me the current Pro Member password via e-mail, I'll test that guy out.


david I do not belive i have your email address :).


I am trying with Pro Member, and it's pretty bad atm. Very slow.


ill look at it tonight :). and see what i can do.


looks like over alocated the speed and it was complaing about it.

guest network 1mb x 1mb max

pro network 50 x 5 max


need an ok from tim or james to remove bucketworks(unsecure) network and start forceing non membors to use the guest wifi.


Did the speed test some more this morning.  On both the Pro wifi and via the ethernet by my desk I got approx. 22 / 1.  I ran the test 3 times on each connection and the downspeed would jump around a bit.  I saw it 20, 22, 23, one time it burst up to 30.

In any case, much improved from yesterday! Thanks Dan!


Can you create a brigade network with a separate password and 50x5 limits for trainings?


no problem :). 

the speed should be good for now untill tim/james tells me other wise lol.



static ip now in place.


we can now assign a static dns zone for bucketworks or schoolfactory if its wanted.




we should be able to... might take the router some convincing though :).


I am looking for the ability to have a private, professional speed network that has a password, but does not require me to share the Bucketworks members network with guests. Basically, a premium event network.

Could router handle this?


yes its possiable just need to redo the net :P


Cat5 cable is ordered. Wire should be run next week.


Status: Open»Resolved