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Develop Tethr prezi

Task: Develop Tethr prezi

Assigned To: 
Sasha Hay
Due Date: 
Monday, Feb 20

Sasha, I put the .mov in your Dropbox folder (Sasha | Tethr) - and there's a text file there with an Edit link for the Prezi.


  1. Watch the video.
  2. Transcribe the video text into a Google doc, and share it with me.
  3. Trick out the Prezi using clip art from the big archive, based on the hand-drawn theme on the left side of the current art.
  4. While you trick it out, keep in mind the themes in the video so you can choose appropriate art.

Spend only up to 2 hours on all this.

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I've just finished uploading all the images and arranging the prezi based on the handdrawn image embedded inside. Please take a look and let me know what you think. 


Status: Open»Resolved

Unless there's any issues, I'm resolving this case.