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MITx Online Introduction Course (Circuits & Electronics) - Lab & Study Group


MITx Online Introduction Course (Circuits & Electronics) - Lab & Study Group

Are you interested in learning to design and build electronic devices such as robotics, computers, or smart energy meters? Have you dreamed about attending MIT (, one of the best engineering schools in the world, but were put off by high tuition costs or the requirement to move? Do you dream of teaching yourself electronics but worry that lack of support or guidance will provide too large an obstacle? Have you invented new useful devices in your mind but lamented that you didn't have the skills to make your thoughts a reality?

MIT is launching a new online program free of charge, called MITx, which in its initial semester is offering an introductory course in Circuits and Electronics. The course runs from March 5 until June 8, 2012. You can learn more about MITx and this course, as well as enroll, at - no textbook is required, as the required learning materials will be provided free online to students, and the exam for their first course will also be free. The result of the class will be an MITx certificate of completion, and future classes will become available for continuation of study in this exciting field.

James Carlson, myself (Dan Vanderboom), and others will be offering a Lab & Study group of fellow MITx students to meet in person to watch lectures, compare notes, discuss what we learn, study with group support and mentoring opportunities, and conduct experiments with equipment and components, some or all of which will be supplied for everyone to share. We will make equipment and materials available for purchase--for those who want to own their own equipment and circuits to take home--at cost.

The group will meet weekly at Bucketworks for the five weeks that the course runs, located at:

706 South 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204-1705

Whether you decide to join us in person or not, we will also have an online discussion forum where we can connect with other members of the group between meetings, and you're free to join us there as well.

SCHEDULE DETAILS for the MITx Lab & Study Group will be announced in the following week.

Join us and learn a great skill from leaders in the field with the support of your local community!


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If you want to take this course with us, please email us at We'll add you to the list. Or just create an account on this site and reply with a comment so we know you're interested!

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