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Change Bucketworks Phone Number to 414-301-1414

Task: Change Bucketworks Phone Number to 414-301-1414

Assigned To: 
Jenn Turner

We changed our phone number today! Please find every single instance of the old number (414) 305-1324 and change it to (414) 301-1414. This is a HUGE search and replace:

  • Google Places
  • The banner on the front of the building
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Local media (Shepherd, Journal Sentinel)
  • Email signatures if applicable

Find every spot!

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I've updated the phone Number on: 


I've also sent requests to change the info on:

  • Google Maps
  • Yelp
  • ArtChain

The following already are owned, and need the owner (probably james) to change:

  • Google Places
  • Foursquare

This leaves calling the newspapers tomorrow. Checking for more websites, and new business cards. 


I don't know how to edit our Google Places entry. I think Patrick set this up. Foursquare I can look at.


The Google places entry has been updated. 

as well as the yelp entry.

I've left a reequest to change the foursquare page as well. 

It's been updated on the Journal Sentinel events listing page. (I did not request this, did either of you? maybe it's automatic?)

I've also submitted the change to the Shepherd Express requesting they update it  wherever it might be located. The only place on their site where I could find our old number is here.

This basically just leaves the banner out front which I'll be going outside to measure and figure cover right now. 

Anything else come to mind for anyone? 


Project: »Artwork, Design, and Media
Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Jenn Turner
Due Date: Tuesday, Mar 13»Tuesday, Sep 18

Jenn, I'm reassigning this to you. I think the phone number is correct everywhere it should be.


Status: Open»Resolved
Due Date: »Sunday, Dec 22