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Ethernet jacks in main co-working space don't work

Task: Ethernet jacks in main co-working space don't work

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Monday, Mar 19

I would like to move to working the main co-working space with everyone else.  But my laptops wifi card has a nasty interaction with Bucketworks wireless access points. So, I use the wired connection over by my current desk.

Unfortunately, the wired connections in the main co-working area don't work!

According to someone (can't remember who now) the connections got redid and were working not that long ago but at some point suddenly stopped working.  The thinking is that someone accidentally disconnected or clipped a key bit of wire somewhere.

Sorry I don't have more information!

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well i can tell u from my end i know the cables go nowhere currently (someone cut them). they would have to be ran back to the "server room". inorder to get your workstaion working properly.


David, tell me where you want to sit and we'll run cables to that spot. I personally feel that if we can get the co-workers more concentrated, we'll achieve nuclear fission. Collaboration requires being in the same area and I will enable that in anyway possible.

Dan, per our meeting next MON, let's talk on this. I will order Cat6 as needed.
David, we're coming for buddy. Hang in there.


Lemme think on that. James, suggested the window spot in the SW corner because there is an ethernet jack there (of course, it's cut off somewhere). But if I really have my choice of anywhere in that area... I'll have to think on it. ;-)


David... I've got a wire to my desk in the mid-room... I can (provided Dan agrees) put a switch there and port you into theco-work room til we get the real wires run.... I'm working on that masonary drill Dan...  we gotta pierce the brick building wall to deliver network and video cables.



That'd be sweet!

I don't think we necessarily need to drill through the walls to run the wires, though.  We could just go through the floor and run across the ceiling on the first floor.  I got the impression that that's how the previous wires were run...


Wire is ran to co-working space! I already spoke with Paul, but David you are now free to shift to that location. As an FYI, we making a pitch for a possible retreat using the Boardroom, and we would like to have those desks at the end shifted out by WED evening/THU morning. I will be around WED in the PM and THU in the morning (as well as today) to help as needed.

Let me know if there are any questions!


Cool! I'll be down tomorrow (Thursday) morning and can move my stuff outta there.


Status: Open»Resolved

Cable was run so there is hard wire access in co-working space!