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Rainwater Catchment System for Urban Garden—who's in?


Rainwater Catchment System for Urban Garden—who's in?

Started planning for an urban garden on the Deck at Bucketworks... including a wind-powered rainwater catchment system to provide water.... anyone interested in helping design, build and/or maintain an urban garden on the deck- now's the time?

We've got three IBC cubes (275gal) plastic containers that will reside in the open space down tween buildings and catch rainwater off the roofs... water will settle there and get pumped to one rooftop IBC that will feed our deckside container gardens.... we're looking to make a windmill pump to pull the water up from below.

Lets meetup soon... plans are taking shape to make a living arbor of hops, a growing walls of flowers and veggies and a self-watering "bucket-planter" gardens.... nothing too big... more for the fun and for shade - and for the bees.

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