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Ok, so I lied. Member meeting is on 3/28 @ 7pm.


Ok, so I lied. Member meeting is on 3/28 @ 7pm.

I jumped the gun on the member's meeting...I guess I am excited. PLEASE tell everyone you meet that it is on the 28th, not the 21st.

Any questions?


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Ah, awesome! Now I can come. :-)


Something to be sure we announce at the members meeting: we energies will be in April 5 to disable the steam heat. They're doing maintenance along the entire line. The heat will be turned back on April 9.


why would we want the steam turned back on on the 9th???? isnt it just for heating?


Actually, I misspoke. They are not turning the heat back on, just turning the steam service back onto our building. We probably won't want to turn on the heat after April 9.

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