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Create a Bucketworks 10 Year History Prezi

Task: Create a Bucketworks 10 Year History Prezi

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
I've got 10 years of Bucketworks history in a plastic bin and I want to make an online and printed banner showing the timeline of press, media clippings, promo pieces and everything from Bucketworks to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
  1. Set up a photo capture station somewhere in the building so you can easily take high-res shots of the materials
  2. You can also use the scanner on the Brother printer to do this, feel free to move it to the 2nd floor area where you are working
  3. Try to find original media if you can on Dropbox for items that have original media instead of the paper files
  4. Capture, scan, photograph everything in the Press Bin 
  5. Create and design a timeline in Illustrator, place all historical stuff in the timeline (consult with James if you need help with dates/times.)
  6. (When you have a draft of this timeline ready -- just a basic structure -- schedule a quick review with James and post your sample up here and reassign to me.)
  7. Create a Prezi with the timeline
  8. Create a print-ready file for the timeline to be printed as a huge 600dpi banner, maybe 10' x 4'


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A Quick Update:

I moved the minimac and the printer to the desk closest to the coworking space in the coworking loft on the second floor. I've scanned all of the items from the press bins that could be bulk scanned, (8.5 by 11 inch single sided sheets of standard paper with no major folds, staples, etc.) and OCR'd them for text recognition, which ought to make them easier to categorize and organize by date. I've also organized the rest of the documents into groups by size and material in order to speed up the scanning process and stored them according to these parameters in the desk. 

All of the scanned files have been uploaded to dropbox. I estimate that the remaining documents should take at the very minimum 9 hours (I think this is a very optimistic estimate) to scan based on the speed of scanning and the rest of the documents being oblong shapes that cannot be scanned in bulk without constant intervention. 

I'm open to suggestion for any programs or ideas that may speed up the process. 

I've also set up an account on which is a timeline service that might be a good fit for placing all of our old documents on display. 




I've photographed and ocred the majority of the mounted press clippings. 

from here I need to determine the best way to scan or photograph the unmounted and odd shaped objects such as postcards and oversize fliers. I'd either have to:

  • mount them and photograph them (probably the most time intensive option, judging simply on the amount of time it's been taking to ocr, especially with the large photographs, I'm retyping large portions of the text word by word)
  • scan in portions and combine with photoshop or some other software (will probably save time in ocring but cost time in compilation. ) I don't know if anyone has any recommendations when it comes to this. 
  • When it comes to the timeline, I have some ideas for how to present everything, but I'm having some trouble finding software that accomodates exactly what I want. I plan to use facebook timeline for more major events, just because it ought to help me put things in order and put them in a visible place, but I might want to wait until I have a way to physically put everything in order to do that. 
  • Once I find a system that seems consistent I could always just add the documents as I mark their individual dates which seems easier, having a general done pile rather than organizing physically and electronically. 
  • Here are some options
    • was looking promising, but they recently lost their flickr integration and I have no idea when it will be back.
    • capzles is okay, it leans towards ease in uploads in bulk, have a really nice user interface and input process. the only problem is that every single thing is given equal weight and space, so it conveys quantity as opposed to time.
    • Timeglider looks very good (stacks items by title) but opens each item you click on as a new little window that must be closed manually. It's integrated with flickr, which means I could upload everything and assign them dates in flickr and it will put the timeline together for us. 
    • Storify  (the link you sent me last week james) looks the best, by far, in terms of end product, but would definitely be the most complicated to input, because it's based entirely on spreadsheets and links. 
    • Dipity is probably my favorite of these options, but requires picasa or flickr so readable and searchable pdfs are out. 

TL;DR : what's most time consuming is the ocring, not the photographing neccesarily. I recommend dipity for creating and showing off the actual timeline, whether or not there ends up being a prezi. but I'd like to believe there is a simple tool for doing this that allows multiple page pdf files to be interacted with. 

I am reasonably confident that if I can come up with a simple enough process to scan the remaining odds and sods, I should be able to have a visually complete record of all of the documents in timeline form in time for the Gallery night. OCRing is much more time intensive and is likely not possible for me to complete by myself by then. (but is also likely not neccesary for Gallery night)





Yes, as we discussed just scan the images at a high enough res to get good OCR later, but we'll do that as a separate step. Goal for now is to have something to show off about our history--timeline, Prezi, whatever we can show. I'll get to work dating things.


Just an update.

I've scanned a good deal of the odd-shaped remaining pieces today. (mainly the small ones) and I spent some time playing around with the various options some more. I think I'm going to end up going with dippity for right now, at least for organization's sake. I have to go through flickr, but I can edit and change dates on the fly, and using the lightroom software James gave me, I can edit the metadata of each file so that the "photo taken" bit of the metadata will line up right. Once I've got that organized I can make an illustrator file, just bopping everything in place mathematically based on percentages of the year. That might take a little while but won't be as bad as I expected. 

Any other thoughts and concerns right now? 


not sure if it will help but

is a good sorta free online ocr software :) iv used it in the past for some smaller projects.


rendered text


Sundry, August 30, 2006 
Martians invade earth 
Incredible as it may seem, it has been confumed that a huge martian invasion fleet has landed on earth tonight. 
First vessels were sighted over Great Britain, Denmark and Norway already in the late evening from where, as fiuthei reports indicate, the fleet 
Otte Battu 
headed towards the North Pole and Santa Claus was taken hostage by the invaders. 
Afterwards they split epee in order to approach most majca cities around the earth. The streets filled as thousands fled their homes, many only weeuing then pajamas... 
Ren folk imp 
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I've got essentially everything scanned or photographed now. I'm making a catalogue of mistakes or items that need retakes. 

There is a large portion of the items from which I've been able to derive their own dates, many that have been found through some google searches, and many that remain dateless. 

Now all that's left to do is take retakes of mistakes, and date the remaining files that have been uploaded. Once everything is dated, Then the remaining files can be uploaded to flickr, and therefore dipity to create the timeline. It shouldn't be too much trouble to create the prezi either once we have everything in order. 


Can we make something with just what we have so far in lieu of having a complete history?


I hope this works. I've never posted from an email before.

If you check out the dipity login I sent you, That's a good idea of what we have at this moment. There are a handful more that need to be uploaded when I get home but that's the basic idea.

On Apr 19, 2012 8:31 PM, "James Carlson" <> wrote:


Dan - good call on the OCR software, I believe we're putting that portion of the process on the back burner for now, but that will be relevant when we come around to it. 

Thanks a bunch! 


I've lightroomed and added dates to all of the documents for which I could find dates (there are some duplicates that were scanned accidentally that I'm working my way through deleting. At best, this covers half of the documents I have available. I've added these to my timeline 3d program which will allow me to export a file that we can use for the prezi quite easily.

Remaining problems:

  • dating the documents that can't be searched for. i.e. general posters about dance classes and the like without any sort of date, brochures, a few documents from alamo basement for which I can't seem to find any sort of record, internal signage etc. I think it would be helpful to bring in some help from people who have been around a little longer than myself to date these documents. 
  • adding events for which we have no copy. I.e. articles online. rss feeds from flickr, could hopefully flesh things out but when I auto import the flickr feed it only seems to be giving me the last 20 photos from the feed. I've emailed about this. 
  • printing - probably go with speedy print. they've been the most reliable and easy going with us. 
  • finding more items - we seem to have some major lack of items between 2008 and now. see my comment about flickr above.

lastly and unfortunately, after speaking to the head of the company and having him look at my file. apparently we can't use the 3d presentation mode because of the length of our timeline, (10 years) I'm a little angry that they didn't mention this wasn't possible in any of the FAQ's or other info. It's a set back for sure. 

Anyone willing to go over some of the older documents? 

Anyone have any other ideas as far as sources of more recent fliers, documents, etc?





Flickr search from 2008-now might help -- 6600+ results


do you have a pro flickr account? 


As I mentioned, I'm having trouble importing more than the most recent 20 photos from any stream. Using regular downloads I don't get any title or metadata so I'd have to spend about 4 times as much time on each individual photo using that process. With a pro account I can download original versions of files with metadata and titles. 

Could I use someone's login? 


I gave you access to my acct, but you no longer need it! Yay.


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this is where we're at right now.


Thanks for sharing this. It's already looking epic.

Does the timeline app include a relative scale mode? Something less linear so areas where there is less activity are not as wide as areas with greater activity?

I found a treasure trove of photos from 2002 onward in chrono order; original take-times are preserved in the EXIF data. Do you think the timeline app could handle it? I'm talking about thousands; we'd select only a few from each set.



This sounds brilliant, however I would lean towards organizing these files in illustrator or Prezi rather than using timeline for that many photos. That's how I got into this mess in the first place. 



Another thought: chop it into years? That way, we can layer the years in the Prezi:

2002: ---------------------
2003: ---------------------
2004: ---------------------
2005: ---------------------
2006: ---------------------
2007: ---------------------
2008: ---------------------
2009: ---------------------
2010: ---------------------
2011: ---------------------
2012: ---------------------


I have sort of done this already. I was aiming for smaller file sizes, not neccesarily by date, so some span two years rather than one, but it would be a simple enough process to switch to this if you don't like my current design. 


so. The end is in sight it seems. I've figured out a way to integrate the documents together that doesn't completely slow down the entire process. I've chopped them up and recombined them in a way that keeps their resolution without taking too much of a hit for filesize and I'm now transferring design flourishes to my new version. I need to wait for dropbox to catch up as I'm working on both computers but I should have the basic idea up within an hour. 

The only major things left to do will be: 

  • add room photos for bucketworks 1 and 2
  • perhaps resize some images for continuity/clarity/design purposes
  • add some basic event titles to some of the events with larger numbers of photos and therefore more space on the timeline
  • open up for suggestions or submissions from others

I'll have a prezi link up as soon as it's passable. 

I look forward to resolving this. 


Assigned To: Sasha Hay»James Carlson
Status: Open»Resolved
Due Date: Tuesday, May 1»Tuesday, Sep 18

Reassigning and resolving.