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Anyone else not like Time Warner Google Overlay?


Anyone else not like Time Warner Google Overlay?

I'm really getting tired of my google search and location bar being hyjacked by Time Warner who seems to think they know best what I'm looking for when I ask for Associated Bank... or such... when they then present me with 11 search results unrealted to the actual I wanted in the first place.... this must be the "new" way to define service.

Well call me old school but gee.... when I ask for craigslist, or ebay... and I type it into my location bar.... I don't need TW "helping me to their higher paying customer's websites... I want what I typed!

Can we get another DNS (or whatever its called) or a secondary thats not TW so our queries are "net neutral" and not corporate funnels to increase traffic for their preferred clients?


Just sayin... long as we're still (for the moment)

pretending to be a representative democracy...

can make the BW pipe bee free!



(Yes this is meant to bee tongue and cheek... but real ;-)

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let me know if its really bothering you we can use a different dns server for requests besides twc's :) open dns, or hell even our dns here at work will fix this issue.



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