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Promote Gallery Night April 20

Task: Promote Gallery Night April 20

Assigned To: 
Carrie Grulke
Due Date: 
Friday, Apr 6

Goals - 

Socially aggregate event info and partnerships for Gallery Night, so we can track and measure participation online and raise awareness of Bucketworks participation in Gallery Night, as well as show relationships between Milwaukee groups who are participating and collaborating in Gallery Night April 20. Make it simpler to promote the event.

  1. Publish a blog and event post about Bucketworks activities planned for Gallery Night (think of this as a social aggregator page)
    1. Update Bucketworks Facebook event page
    2. Make a special Twitter background for Bucketworks event
    3. Make a splash banner for Gallery Night for home page
  2. Include links to all partners who are involved with Gallery Night:
    1. Artworks for Milwaukee (link to their Gallery Night website and Facebook event pages, etc.)
    2. Milwaukee Makerspace
    3. Art Milwaukee ARTBus
    4. Gallery Night website
    5. Artist groups who Tim has organized to participate (Tim--can you leave a comment with these?)
  3. All links should also point to social media properties for each of these groups if available (links to Facebook event pages, Twitter feeds, etc. Create a social aggregator.)
  4. Create an official short link we can use in all social mentions of the Gallery Night topic ( service, use bucketworks account)
  5. Request that the controlling entities of the various Facebook, community calendar, and event listing services corresponding to the above links include mention of Bucketworks as location of the Gallery Night Event - provide short link from step 5, and links from Step 1

Got ?s? Leave a comment and reassign to Tim or James. Due Next Friday April 6.

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Tim, do you have a final confirm on who all is involved with Apr 20? I am pretty sure Pete said something about doing something from Makerspace. Did Dwaun confirm a dance presentation?


Milwaukee Makerspace will be involved. We have at least 5 artist so far, and at least 2 people who have volunteered to help out in any capacity. Jason Gessner is leading the effort, but I can also help supply info if needed.


ArtMilwaukee ArtBUS lists ArtWorks as a stop-- could we ask them to mention Bucketworks here?


Assigned: Sasha Hay » Carrie Grulke

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Carrie Grulke and I'm a Board Director at ArtWorks.  I also chair our Special Events Committee and have spoken to both Tim and James about collaborating on Gallery Night planning.

We are very excited to have Bucketworks members participating and I would be happy to answer any questions you  may have.





Assigned: Carrie Grulke » Sasha Hay

I am just reassigning this task to Sasha, because I want them to get it done this week if possible. Carrie, please do supply any information that might help Sasha complete the task described above. Glad to see you here!


Assigned: Sasha Hay » James Carlson

Hello Carrie,

I was looking around for any sort of info on this to write up the blog posts. Is there a press release on this from last year (or this year for that matter)? Both of the links listed on the press page from last year are dead along with a great deal of the other links on the news page.

Likewise, there is no mention of gallery night on your events page.

Is there any chance I could have a high quality copy of the logo to make the banner and twitter background? 

James: what is the username for Is there any location with more info about this event? please let me know then reassign to Carrie so she can answer these questions. 


Assigned: James Carlson » Carrie Grulke

James gave me the password so I'm reassigning to Carrie to answer my questions from the previous posts. 

Here's what I have so far:

(All links are'd) 

On Bucketworks: 

  • Events Page
  • Blog Page
  • also added a slide on the rotation on the front page that links to the events page. 

I've also cranked out an update of the twitter background that highlights the event and added it to the twitter, let me know what you think. 

I'm attaching a screencap and the new twitter background. 


Can the line that says "April 20th 5-9pm, Bucketwork" be changed to say "April 20th 5-9pm, Bucketworks" (note the 's' at the end.)




Sasha - feel free to contact me here or at if you need anything.





Status: Open»Resolved

seeing as gallery night has already happened, I'm resolving this case.