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Room Directory and Captains

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Room Directory and Captains

If you need a visual reference, check out the Interactive Prezi Map of Bucketworks.

To sign up to be a Room Captain for Bucketworks, edit this page and put your name in the Room Captain column next to the room you want to claim.

Room Directory:

RoomFloorTypeWLSq FtRoom Captain
Commons1Open space48.8161.563004 
Meetup Space1Open Span23.0960.481396 
Gallery1Open Span22.0861.801365Carrie Grulke
Inaccessible area connected to commons1Room26.5020.37539.8 
Artworks Office1Room18.5810.41193.4 
Gallery Back Storage1Loading13.0713.02170.2 
Bucketworks Office1Room9.9316.04159.3 
Bathroom Hallway1Hall21.175.97123.4 
Ramp to Loading Area1Ramp/hall6.4716.57107.1 
Mechanical Closet1Room12.076.0573 
Women's Bathroom1Bathroom3.765.5020.85 
Men's Bathroom1Bathroom3.705.6320.8 
Co-working2 2436864Paul Sanchez
Office 1 (large one near outside wall)2 9.7615.33149.5 
Office 2 (middle one)2 9.757.8476.3 
Office 3 (near stairs)2 9.727.9276.9 
Front Connector (weirdly shaped area near stairs)2 7.5415.7118.4 
Fishbowl2 12.0713.36161.3 
Kitchen2 29.8927.15811.5Natali Heuss
Lounge area by kitchen2 1015.89158.1Natali Heuss
Co-working Loft2 21.8762.021356 
Office 4 (large one in Loft)2 7.7610.8584.13 
Office 5 (small one next to it)2 7.727.8260 
Server Room2 7.8713.53106.5Dan Walters
Boardroom2 23.1478.821819 
Lab 12 15.811.19176.8 
Workshop2 47.9968.563290 
Lab 32 10.859.0297.8 
Men's2 7.2114.95107.7 
Women's2 15.1711.64176.5 
Workbench2 9.8218.11177.9 
Lab 2 Loading Area2 32.220.18651.2 
Meetup 4 Loading Area2 13.28.73115.4 


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