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Room or Area Captains?


Room or Area Captains?

Many hacker and makerspaces have been assigning a room or area captain to take care of a given area. Would you be willing to take over an area and spend 1-2 hours a month caring for it? Bucketworks is _huge_ and our space would get better if we all worked on it together, area by area.

For example, Charlie has really taken on the Deck and made it great-- in just a few short months it's gotten very hospitable! Could you do this for another area within Bucketworks?

Some examples of things you might do:

If you are willing to "sign up" for this, please claim a room or area using the Room Directory! Just click edit and stick your name in the table in the Room Captain column. We can talk about Room Captaining here if you have questions just leave a comment.

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Hi James,

I would be happy to be the Room Captain for the Gallery on behalf of ArtWorks.  I did try to sign up using your link with no success, but feel free to add me.







I signed you up. Thank you for taking ownership and being awesome!

One thing that we want to do soon-- install new lights so we can light the art better (esp for Gallery Night and related exhibits.)

I have a couple strands of halogen lights upstairs in the storage mass that might work, else we can invest in some pendant or aim-able halogens. Do you know anyone in your circles who can do electrical installs or help me do it?


Hey :) It seemed fitting that, on behalf of UberDork Cafe, I sign up for the kitchen and kitchen lounge. When did you want us to start working on the areas? Anything for those areas that you had in mind??? 

Let me know! I'm all about helping any way I can!



Natali :) 


W00t! Thanks for signing up Natali! You are bringing some of that Make-a-thon magic to Bucketworks!

The little lounge area when you first come upstairs is supposed to be a spot for people to chill while they wait for someone to get them, or relax. Right now there aren't any working lights in that area, so it gets dark. Any ideas? 

Oh--and PLANTS! There are so many windows inside Bucketworks, it would be sweet to have more plants in the kitchen / lounge area. What do you all think?


Hey James,

I could take the co-working area, but I don't see it listed on the page.


I signed you up. Thank you!


Thanks James!  Love the idea of the new lighting, especially if we can get it done before Gallery Night. I don't know if any electricians, but I will put out an email to our entire volunteer base looking for one and let you know!




Very welcome, James! I'm thinking I'll end up popping down there soon to sit in the space and come up with a plan. FInally make use of all that stuff I pin and haven't tried yet! :) 

Hmm.... mint would make a good plant to grow up there. People can use it in tea and it smells nice. I'll kick around some plant ideas. :) 

I'll run everything past you before I go too nuts. :) 

Weeee! This is going to be fun! :) 



Hey Captains!

We will be cleaning BW on Saturday 4/7 from 10am until 2pm. The goal will be to disappear the dust bunnies, mop the floors, wipe down tables and just up the standard a bit. This won't be deep, deep cleaning, and food and beverage will be provided.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions.



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