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Awesome weekend, some rumble...kidding!


Awesome weekend, some rumble...kidding!

Members of the Great Beyond,

Bucketworks had an amazing weekend. 4 events that all went very well:

  • ArtMilwauke Open Mike: Hip Hop Edition went down FRI night
  • Bee-LaPalooza was SAT
  • BuildHealth was SAT and SUN
  • Theater Unconference was SUN

The building was very active, we got many comliments on our space and all the events were hits with the public. Big props to you all for being a part of our core community. The building is largely put back together, but there are a few things out of place here and there. Everything should be back to normal by WED so we can make another mess with Gallery Night, 4/20/12. Woot woot! If you are free, come on down.

Also, there are is a lot of food up for grabs in the fridge, apples on the table, etc. If it isn't eaten by WED, it will probably be tossed. If you have questions about what the food is, ask Paul Sanchez (thanks Paul).

Thanks again to you all for helping make Bucketworks rad.



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Sorry I missed the Hackathon... hopefully there will be some lengthly blog posts detailing everything that was accomplished!




I know will have a post on what we did while we where there. Not sure about other people though.

also want to note we will be setting up the orc software we made for public use on should be a bit latter tonight.

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