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MEMBER MEETING on Wed 4/25 @ 7pm!!


MEMBER MEETING on Wed 4/25 @ 7pm!!

Please come out for 60m if you can!

Bucketworks is really humming right now and it would be excellent to have the members all together in person. Now is a great time to deepen the community as it is growing! Your input is always appreciated and critical to our success.

Stay tuned for an agenda. Beverage will be provided. Potluck for munchies please!


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Here is the agenda for the meeting tomorrow night. Please read through it prior to attending so we don't have to dwell on it too much! Thank you.

  • Jesse DePinto presentation (10m)
  • Update on building developments (10m)
    • It has been cleaned! Please help keep it that way.
    • Please wash your dishes. Leaving a stack for the intern isn't very cool!
    • We have been looking at other spaces out of due diligence, but ours is pretty cool! Trying to stay put.
    • The corner of 5th and Cherry
    • 807 S 14th Street
  • Update on previous events (10m)
    • ArtMilwaukee: Hip Hop Party
      • This went extremely well. ArtMilwaukee sponsored the party, but Bucketworks had a large role in organization and logistics
    • BuildHealth
      • This went extremely well. We had 5 teams all come up with some really great ideas.
    • Theater Unconference
    • Bee-la-palooza
    • Gallery Night
  • Update on upcoming events (10m)
    • LAN party on May 5
    • MPC show
    • June 8th party

Community Dev (10m)

  •    Summer Dial-Down: 8/10 - 8/20
    • BW hibernates from events!
    • Member ideas for space developments?
  • Community skill set exchange (10m)
    • Three questions after your name:
      • In what areas are you willing to meet with other members as a resource (non-paid, informal)?
      • What skill(s) are you willing to offer to members at a reduced rate? Please be specific.
      • What skill(s) would you like publically publisized on the website? And at what rate?   
  • Awesomeness in general


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