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Revision of Install Doors by Kitchen Landing and Stairway by the Garage from Sun, 2012-04-29 17:35


Task: Install Doors by Kitchen Landing and Stairway by the Garage

Assigned To: 
Jon Kelly
Due Date: 
Friday, May 4

Get bids and find the best option to install door on the kitchen landing. Access control will need to be added for members.

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Materials are being picked up by Brian Miracle. 

Construction begins this evening. 5/31/2012


Project: Host Bucketworks 10th Anniversary Party on June 8»Space Improvements
Due Date: Wednesday, Jun 6»Friday, Jun 29

Moving project to Space Improvements and pushing deadline to 6/29.


Assigned To: Jon Kelly»Brian Miracle

Brian, where are we on this?


I've completed the install of the frame and trim for the doorway closest the fishbowl and kitchen and the door's ready to be moved into place.  This week (in the evenings) I'll be installing the other door frame and trim.  Regarding the door we'd like to install at the top of the steps on the other end of the Co-working Area, I stopped at Lisbon STorm and Screen yesterday, and priced out some used doors that have window panes built into them, and they sell for around $40. 


Should I purchase the used door for the 3rd entry we've discussed, as locking off only 2 of the 3 doorways would currently only cause a neusance that doesn't solve our greater problem of security.

2nd, can we order the keypad locks asap, so I know how we're going to run electricity and where in the wall I need to mount them? 


Brian, yes, get that door so we can secure the upstairs.

And I do think we might have to get a couple more because people have been using the kitchen as a classroom. It would be good to be able to close that off. Let's talk on this.


Brian, looks like a couple doors are in place! Awesome, we can start working on installing brains into those doors.

By what date do you expect to have the remaining door in place?


Hey James,

I'll be by this afternoon to install the final door.  Do you know whether the "brains" will be hard wired or battery powered, bc I've held off on installing drywall and insulation around frame of church door, bc it's easier to run wires if that's the need?

Talk Soon, BdjM<


Status: Open»Resolved

This has been taken care of. Now we just need the security keypads.


I have the parts and am assembling. I'm not sure if I'll make this weekend or not, my nursery is taking a lot of my time, but certainly at least one should be ready by the weekend after.

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