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Order physical dropbox for payments

Task: Order physical dropbox for payments

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Oct 31

We need a dropbox that is secure for receiving payemnts, notes, etc.

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We need to procure this on our shopping run. I have added it to the shopping list along with it's cost. 


Assigned To: Jon Kelly»Tim Syth

Reassigned to Tim.


Due Date: Monday, May 21»Tuesday, Jul 10

Removing the date.


Due Date: »Wednesday, Jul 11

Do you need someone to make a box?


Assigned To: Tim Syth»Armando Martinez
Due Date: »Saturday, Jul 14

Please do some online research on dropboxes on



Assigned To: Armando Martinez»Tim Syth
Status: Resolved»Open
Due Date: »Monday, Jul 16

This one seems like a better bet because the slot has a spring-loaded door and keys, etc can be deposited as well.


Due Date: »Wednesday, Oct 31

Order the dropbox and make it happen.


Status: Open»Closed

No longer at 706.