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New member welcome!


New member welcome!

Whenever a new member joins, we will put a short comment on this blog to announce their arrival and provide a brief description. If you are that member, post a comment and introduce yourself as a reply!

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Guess that's me.

Hi all, been coming to BW for years and I love it.

My passions are Filmmaking, Video Game Design, Photography and Writing (mostly screenplays/poetry) plus I love chatting about them or whatever, so feel free to hit me up any time.




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Hi All,

First I want to apologize for not making it to the member meeting tonight. I was up at 5am this morning and drove to Madison for a performance. I just got back. 

A bit about me:

I was born in Mexico City and raised in Queens, NY. What am I doing here? Long story, stop me and ask me during coffee break, or whenever really.

I dance with the Ballet Folklorico Mexico de Los Hermanos Avilla here in Milwaukee. I am a freelance Interactive/Graphic Designer as well as an Illustrator. Some of my skills include, web coding in HTML,CSS, AS2.0 or 3.0, book binding, paper making, silk screening, etching, mono prints, printing with anything really and I also know how to run an offset press... I find it fascinating. I love to travel and I carry a sketchbook in which I do watercolor sketches. If you would like to see it don't hesitate to ask, I love sharing my adventures.

I love and appreciate good design, typography, beautiful skies, the beach, warm weather, good food!, adventures, adrenaline, anything NY, nature, rooftops, simple gestures, fashion, shoes (and I'm not afraid to show it!), dancing, good people, people who don't take themselves too seriously, Canadians, working out and much much more...

If any of you lovely people need a designer or have a design question, I would be happy to assist. That is what I will be doing at bucket works. Checkout my portfolio online and I have much more if you want to see it. Just ask!

Looking forward to meeting you all.




I am Stan, and I just moved into the office next to the server closet. There will shortly be some massive Star Trek posters but at the moment it's generic desk and nerd station. 

I'm a "UI Engineer", focused on Javascript / HTML5 technologies. I have worked for a fair number of companies from WhittmanHart on Harley-Davidson to and PartsNetWeb / I currently have a full-time remote gig for based in Maryland, and I do some freelance UX/UI work. 

I am working on starting an HTML5 focused meet-up, so anyone interested in that, please bug me! I am also happy to provide assistance or healthy debate on questions relating to Javascript, Linux, Windows 8, various web frameworks such as ExtJS or Sencha Touch.

I am a budding cyclist, and enjoy lots of outdoorsy things in addition to some long hours in front of a screen. I am a classically trained musician (voice major) and appreciate all kinds of music from Bach to Kaskade.

Looking forward to some good times and good conversations in addition to enjoying this really great space.



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