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Hackers on a Train Stops through Bucketworks


Hackers on a Train Stops through Bucketworks

Do you want to learn to solder? Learn Arduino? And meet some of the awesomest people ever like Mitch Altman and Jimmy Rodgers?

Check this out:

I've invited Mitch Altman of TV-B-Gone fame and cofounder of Noisebridge to come to Bucketworks on August 4 2012 to teach, speak, and share. 

I think we should partner with Milwaukee Makerspace on this event and make it a joint effort.

Here is what Hackers on a Train needs to be successful: Hackers on a Train Event Description

Please reply to this blog if you would be interested in participating in this event or can offer anything to help!

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ill be there,

also have some equiptment there allready :).


If you can flag what you have on the notebook page, that would help. I asked the Makerspace folks if they wanted to participate as well, and if they do they might bring some of their gear. I think the main thing is soldering irons that could work. If we do a potluck soldering irons, we'll probably end up with enough. :)


I think we'd be down to help with this. I'm camping for the next few days though. I'll check in next week.

On Jun 21, 2012 8:04 PM, "James Carlson" <> wrote:


1 soldering iron,
1 smd rework station. - only demo
1 roll of tin\lead 60/40 
2 Tip Cleaners
1 5ft desoldering wick

1 container of rosin soldering flux
and a few older radioshack soldering irons.


I would like to learn how to use a soldering iron!  Can I bring some old jewelry to play with?  

I don't have any gear, but can offer my home as a place to stay for the Hacker on the Train. 



Ok. I told Mitch we'd do the Basics workshop, so yes you can learn to solder Kat!

Dan, thanks for pledging to bring your soldering irons. I'll clean up the events page with details now that we know more.


I have no frame of reference for soldering but love to learn new things. I am also really awesome at cleaning things, would be happy to clean stuff up before/after. Sort, organize, scrub, fold, and so on.


I only have one soldering iron, but I am happy to help,  as needed,





The event will be going down at 5pm.

See you there!


Ok everyone--see you today! Bring your gear and your tools and get ready to play!

Register if you haven't:


Wow! Great workshop yesterday.  I soldered together my very own TV Be Gone kit and have turned off 2 TV's so far! Just the beginning...

Am grateful for meeting the 'Hackers on the train'  and being inspired by their life stories and creative energy.  

Also fun to share the experience with so many awesome Bucketworks members!


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