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June Members meeting! WED, JUN 27, 7pm, Boardroom


June Members meeting! WED, JUN 27, 7pm, Boardroom

Hey BW Membership,

It is that lovely time of the month for us to gather. As usual, there will be beverages on hand and members potluck for munchies. Please come out and bring a friend! The Meeting starts at 7pm!




  • Charlie Koenen (10m)...yup, ONLY 10.


  • 30 second introduction from all parties!
  • Update on building developments
    • Armando is stepping up!
  • Update on previous events
    • June 8th Party
    • WordCamp
  • Update on upcoming events
    • Basement LAN
  • Community Dev
    • Rate adjustment discussion
    • Space control/access
    • Membership drive
    • Member count: 26
    • Phoenix rising from the ashes. We are $1800.00/mo shy of BW covering all of its monthly costs---woot woot!
    • Sound booth project?
    • Carpentry shop?
  • Awesomeness in general.



  • Next month's presenter:
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Under previous events:

  • Gallery Show from Nicole Beck will remain in the Gallery until July 7; if you want to buy any art or talk to anyone else who does, there's a Google Form to fill out: Buy Art
  • Geoff's party on Jun 22

Under upcoming events:

Under Community Dev:

  • Scheduling and double-booking

The member count is 26. What is the people count under that?


Hi Tim,

I'm wondering if you can help me get off of this email list.  I've hit the unsubscribe button numerous times, but the emails keep pouring in.

I hope you guys are doing really well and that Bucketworks is buzzing!  Have a good night.

Randy Knie

From: Tim Syth <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 7:50 PM
Subject: [School Factory] June Members meeting!


Tim I disabled Randy's notifications across Atrium permanently, so he won't get any more.

Need help?


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