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Bucketworks Identity Project


Bucketworks Identity Project



Contributors: Melissa Merline, Tegan Dowling, Matt Kemple, James Carlson

Time: pre-2006


Bucketworks needs a public identity package— you know, a brochure, letterhead, etc. etc. and all of that unified under a consistent imagery, colory, and fontery.

Because this need is so great (how many people have asked you for a brochure?) I’m instigating the Bucketworks Identity Project to create these items.

What I’d like you to do is and add whatever you think should be included in each of the various items listed below. Use exact words so the designers can cut and paste into their layouts.

Remember that what we select from this page will end up in printed materials we’ll be distributing for the next several months; I’m planning to spend a lot of money on printing mass quantities of these items, so we can’t be frugal with them!


If you think you’ve got our winning slogan, list it here. The author of the winning slogan will receive a $50 bonus check (we’ll use Page History to find out who submitted it!):

  • A Community Culture Center - Growing ideas in a specially prepared nutrient medium
  • A Health and Fitness Club for your Brain
  • Join the creative brigade: Bucketworks
  • Bucketworks: Give your Creative Brain a Workout
  • Bucketworks: Make your learning work through play.
  • Bucketworks makes your creativity work through play.
  • Bucketworks helps you do more creative work through play.
  • Bucketworks: Play your Way to Accomplishment
  • Bucketworks: Play your Way to Learning
  • Bucketworks: Play your Way to Work
  • Bucketworks: Your Creativity Resource Center
  • Discover your creative potential
  • Bucketworks - That’s some cool shit!
  • Limitless creative possibilities
  • Bucketworks: WOW!
  • Bucketworks: It’s like a koala bear crapped a rainbow on your brain!
  • Unleash your creative side
  • Bucketworks: Splattering your Creative Ideas All Over
  • Bucketworks: Let your Creative Brain Splash Around
  • Bucketworks: Dip your Brain in it
  • Where creative play helps you grow!
  • Where Creativity and collaboration work
    • (Alternate) Where Creativity and collaboration work for you
  • Let your creativity flow!
  • The Creative Root of Milwaukee
  • A (or The) Place to Root Your Creativitity
  • Growth you can get a handle on: Bucketworks (from Main.AtAGlance)
  • Milwaukee’s Creative Commons: Bucketworks (from Main.HomePage)
  • Come play!
  • There’s a place for everyone at…BUCKETWORKS
  • Work. Play. Share. Bucketworks.
  • Tap into the creative network
  • It’s the Place to Be (creative, productive, artistic, etc…)
  • Be a part of it
  • Need room to grow artistically? Try Bucketworks.
  • A creative place for everyone
  • Make it your creative space
Handout ItemsBrochure
  • The brochure will be a trifold 8.5 x 11 brochure in FULL COLOR.
  • The “theme” underlying/unifying the elements of the design could be splashes of paint - splashing from the bucket, dripping from a surface etc. Justifies the use of lots of bright colors (possibly with each individual area of color outlined in a fine black line?). An interesting experiment would be to have most of the brochure in bright, crayony colors, but some serious stuff - community mission, educational mission, maybe, in either black/white/gray, or in a subdued, “tasteful” palette. Just to see how that would work.
Third-sheet fliers
  • These fliers will get inserted in the brochure when they are handed out.
  • Each program or activity of Bucketworks will have a 1/3rd sheet flier, double-sided, in full color.
    • theatre
    • dance
    • art
Information that MUST be includedContact information

1319 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Suite 100 
Milwaukee, WI 53212 

(a visual map)

Information about the space

At 12,000+ square feet of creative space there is nothing that can not be done! Build a shelf, design a new computer, act dramatic, throw a party!

Bucketworks, a part of School Factory Inc., has been called a creativiy incubator, an art club house,

Membership informationProgram information
  • Theatre provides performing groups, individual actors, directors, producers, playwrights, and technical staff with affordable resources for their creative growth in theatre—on a moment’s notice. It is the mission of this program to make these resources available for everyone who is passionate about theatre—so you can grow your creative theatrical expression in a healthy, sustainable way.
  • Providing opportunity is at the heart of our Dance Program. Our studio facilities provide space for rehearsals, and a variety of classes open to everybody. Through hosting dance events we nurture networking opportunities that grow more dance. We are more than a program, we are a tool, but cannot be anything without you.
  • Emergency Art is a….
  • Emergency Digital is a….
  • Emergency Business is a….
Class Information
  • DIY/MakeYourPowerCards
Information that SHOULD be included
  • Images of the facility with people doing things here
  • Should include Slogan
  • Should include Board Members
  • Should include Contact Information

Here is an example letter head I threw together. It just has the logo and address though; modify as needed. 
Attach:BWLetterhead.doc Δ

Need help?


The notebook section provides a way for you to store and share information with your group members. With the book feature you can:

  • Add book pages and organize them hierarchically into different books.
  • Attach files to pages to share them with others.
  • Track changes that others have made and revert changes as necessary.
  • Archive books that are no longer of interest to the group. Archived books can be reactivated later if needed.