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Are you accomplishing as much as you could be?


Are you accomplishing as much as you could be?

I think there is a lot of value in having someone to meet with on a regular basis who:

  • Reviews your progress, and helps keep you motivated.
  • Helps you detect when you're not staying on course
  • Holds you accountable to your own goals.

I know there's a world of coaches out there, but it occurred to me that people here might be willing to do this for each other quid pro quo, and I could use this myself!

So, is anyone interested in exchanging coaching services?

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Hi Steve!

Coaching in what sort of areas? In any case, I think this sounds brilliant and I'd definitely be down. :-)

See ya!


Hi David,

Thanks for the comment!

Here's what I had in mind:

Once every week or two I'd meet with someone to go over whatever areas we'd agreed on - maybe just related to the projects I work on at BW, maybe broader, and same with the other person. We'd talk about what had been accomplished over the past period, what is planned for the upcoming period, challenges, solutions, etc. The intent is provide accountability and guidance to stay on track with the big things when life often tempts with distraction. 

Along with this would be some discussion of strategy, ideas, etc. I'm a good idea person and happy to share. 

Then, once a quarter, I'd like to do a higher level review. Are the four projects I've settled on panning out as expected? Should any be tossed? Anything new that should be added?

For me, the areas of interest are the projects I'm working on - check my notebook for the list.

Still sound interesting? When would be a good time to meet?


I am also down with this. Lisha Sterling, who is involved with the Bucket Brigade and a part of the Hackermoms Mothership in Oakland CA (a space) and I have been trying to do this kind of thing every day--without too much success. I'd love the idea of a 'coaching circle' format, where we can each talk about--and hold each other accountable to--our goals and actions.

I don't know that it can be a daily thing, but it can be at least twice a month?


Coaching circle sounds like a great idea as long as the discipline to attend is maintained. Definitely no more often than once a week. 

I will be in tonight if anyone wants to get started. 


Hey guys, just let me know when the first meeting of this circle is going down and I'll do my best to make it. Or should we do a Doodle to find the time for the first meeting?


Folks, I think we're about the run into the challenge that making it a group will present, and that is scheduling. I'm at BW from now until 4 o'clockish or I run out of money for the meter. Otherwise Monday is my planned day to be here in the evening, but I can probably come up with time during the week. The enemy of better is best. Maybe have a few one on one meetings & establish the value while we deal with the scheduling issue?


Here's a doodle poll with the times that work for me. I can probably make some other evening times work if need be.


I just responded to the Doodle! Hope to this goes down!


Hi all, Monday, July 9 at 6pm is the winner! Steve Duncan +1 414-839-5572


I've also responded to the Doodle and invited Sharon Lerman to participate. We've been talking about how to do these circles for a while and she's an excellent facilitator. Sharon, can you use the Doodle above to pick times that work for you?


I see the meeting will be July 9 at 6 pm.  Have a potential conflict, yet will do my best to be there.  If not, I'll connect with James and we'll discuss options for facilitating this.


Steve will you close the poll so it clears all the tentative reservations from my calendar?


We will meet where ever it is comfy at 6 today-- probably the boardroom. Feel free to join us!


Everyone, unfortunately I've got to bail on this meeting. I just have too much to get done this afternoon/meeting. I'll do my best to catch the next one!



Hi all,

We had out first meeting yesterday, which was Sharon and I. It was awesomely valuable as I left with a lot more high-level clarity and understanding of what I want to achieve. At a lower level I got unstuck on at least one project, and got some great new clarity on another. The most productive hour & change I've spent a long time. Thank you Sharon!

If you're having any struggles with maintaining focus, getting clarity on what you need to be doing, or just a little more guidance, I think you'll get a lot out of these meetings.

For next time:

  1. Share your high-level objective (for me: "Figure out how to pursue several profitable ideas simultaneously so I can have work on my own terms that isn't boring and makes me happy, and live the life I want to live.")
  2. Share the projects you're currently pursuing to acheive the objective, along with whatever obstacles that currently exists.
  3. For each project, decide on things to get done for the next meeting.

As the group gets established, and we become familiar with each other's work, 1 & 2 will become more brief.

Once a month should be about right, and I'll start a Doodle for the next meeting.

We hope you can join us!



Here's the Doodle to choose the date for the next meeting.


Steve, I see your message, but I don't see a doodle link.


Hi folks - last call for the doodle! Currently 8/8 at 6pm has the most votes.



Ok folks - I just closed the poll and Wednesday at 6pm it is!


Thanks for organizing this, Steve.  Unfortunately, although I did sign up for the Doodle weeks ago, I now have to let you know that I will not be able to attend. I'm out-of-town due to a family concern.

Hope its a great meeting!



I hate to do this but will not be able to make it tonight. Is anyone up for next week?


Next week would work better - I'm no longer available this week either!

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