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Plot out areas spaces in Co-Working Area

Task: Plot out areas spaces in Co-Working Area

Assigned To: 
Paul Sanchez
Due Date: 
Tuesday, Jul 31

As we ready for the membership drive, it will be good to know how many spaces we have to offer. E.G. Spot A6, A3, and B4 are available for members. As the captain of the room, could you use your best judgement to break up the cow-working space into sale-able chunks? I am thinking 4ft by 8ft as a unit, but am open to suggestions. If you could just provide the reference points, Armando, our lovely intern, would be more than happy to tape everything off in a clear and professional manner.

We will also need to consider flow spaces/walkways so people don't get so jammed in there no one can move.

We are hoping to use the co-working space a model so it may take a bit to get things sorted completely. I am more than happy to help.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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