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Member meeting this WED, 7pm, in the Kitchen


Member meeting this WED, 7pm, in the Kitchen

Here we go again. Last meeting was blast. Looking forward to this one!

  •    The Playful Magpie D (10m)
  • Introduction from all parties! (10m)
    • You will be asked to check-in on goal status! Don't be alarmed.
  • Update on building developments (5m)
    • We have been in touch with Jose, and there is bold news.
  • Update on previous events (5m)
    • 3D Printing Meetup
    • Super Hacker Maker Geekend
      • Solder with Mitch Altman
      • Road trip to Evanston for the Mini Maker Faire
      • Watch Curiosity with Curiosity MON...and hope she makes the trip!
  • Update on upcoming events (10m)
    • Move to Amend
    • WPA meeting at BW - Let's make the space sparkle
    • Harvestfest at Trimborn for those with products to sell
    • Morning Sit
  • Community Dev (20m)
    • Community Deck Garden
    • BW Challenge Hours Discussion
    • BW Do's Discussion
    • Buckethood, and all that encompasses!
    • Time for a party, I do believe
    • Awesomeness in general.
  • Next month's presenter:


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So sorry that I'm going to miss this, but alas I will be out of town. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

On Aug 19, 2012 5:15 PM, "Tim Syth" <> wrote:


Next month's presenter is: 3D Creations

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