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Create the Bucketworks Overview Prezi

Task: Create the Bucketworks Overview Prezi

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Aug 1

Contents for the Prezi:

  • Floor plans of each floor and room
  • Photo panoramas of each room
  • Specific photos of usable infrastructure (Doors, Light switches, Fuse Boxes, Thermostats, Cabinets, Storage, Closets, Bathrooms, Tools)
  • Brief text description of each area

Uses for the Prezi:

  1. It will be an overview on how to use Bucketworks for new members. New members can click and explore. The path will also be a guided tour.
  2. Video backdrop animation for a voice-over describing Bucketworks in under 3 mins to be embedded in our website.
  3. Video backdrop animation for a voice-over 'quick training and orientation video' for new members.
  4. Explorable along a different path for people who want to plan events at Bucketworks.

There are already Illustrator files Dan made for the floor maps, which is a good start.

You can use my phone or the camera to take the pictures for the list above. You'll have to walk through the space and find every switch or switch bank. For tools, we don't have many for now so we'll add those in later.

Update this case as you go. I've asked Dan to put his map files here. I'd like to get this initial training content complete no later than August 8 2011.

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The 2nd floor PDF file needs to be converted to an .ai file. James knows how to do this. I don't have the software.


PDFs are almost the same thing. Illustrator opens them natively similar to AI files and makes all objects editable. Fine grained control!


Just in case... the 1st floor PDF file.


We have the basic prezi done. Floorplans, Room Photos and informative icons have all been uploaded and the blurbs have been written. 

The frames have been linked in order as well. (Hidden Frames so people can just click and zoom on each section. 

Tasks that remain include:

  • charting where the lightswitches and outlets are. 
  • expanding the prezi with a people section that outlines the various businesses in Bucketworks. 
  • taking more panoramic photos so that each section has 3 photos. 
  • animating the informative icons.
  • come up with a more visually stimulating way to display the sq ft of each area. 

I'm uploading the floorplan swfs and icon swfs for posterity sake at this time. 


I believe while there is still room to expand, the Prezi is complete enough to function as a marketing/communications tool. I've forwarded it on to Tim to use. 

Since my last post I've added icons to the prezi indicating where all of the outlets and light switches are on the 1st floor. I believe I'll be updating the lightswitch Icon, as I'm not completely satisfied with it. James recommended having a general "influence change in the environment" icon, an idea I like, so I'll be exploring that option. 

I'll be going over the second floor and adding outlet icons and light switches and updating and replacing the light switch icon.  

I'm attaching the outlet and lightswitch icons as they stand right now. 


Sasha, we need to reshoot the Board room for the Prezi. The chairs should be arranged around the table neatly, and all those cahirs stuck in the corner should not be visible, and anything laying on the floor shoudl be gone. It just needs to look orderly.


This is great progress:


For the "People" Circle I was thinking we could ask members to give us logos, materials, bios etc. and showcase some of the activities here. What do you think?


For the people section, yes, that sounds great. I made a form for the website we were working on to get info to fill in the member pages:

We could do something like that. We need that info and material for the website eventually anyway, so two birds with one stone. Can we do something similar with the current website or should I make a google form?

I went around and drew a chart of all of the light switches and outlets on the second floor and while I was doing that I realized there are alot of other things we should chart. Including:

  • fire extinguishers
  • fire alarms
  • phone jacks
  • fan switches

I'll start making icons for these things tomorrow, along with thermostats. 

I've also updated the map to include the second floor outlets. 

While I went around I also realized that there are some errors on the floorplans that need to be corrected (I'll scan and attach my hand drawn chart that makes note of these as soon as I can.) There are some places where doors are missing or in the wrong places and walls are the wrong width.  I'll approximate these edits on the original floorplans too. 

Is there any other development either of you would like to see on this? 

And yes tim, I agree. James, Can I borrow your iphone to take those tomorrow at some point? 



Here is a pdf of the notes I made on the second floor. 


Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Tim Syth
Due Date: »Wednesday, Aug 1

Tim, I'm reassigning this to you. Here's a link to directly edit the overview Prezi with details. I've copied/pasted the map from the existing Prezi into this one. With this we can create a more comprehensive overview that can be used in any presentation setting.

Goal is to complete the detailed portions of this by Aug 1 and then record a quick video/voiceover we can post to the sites.


Status: Open»Resolved

The basic floor plan is done and posted on the website.