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Connect 50x5 internet to Bucketworks WIFI

Task: Connect 50x5 internet to Bucketworks WIFI


We got our internet updated to 50MBPs down x 5MBPs up! (From 3M x 3M)

This will make Barcamp even more awesome this year. (Plus the general member experience being improved.)

Would anyone be willing to volunteer to help connect the Time Warner Cable modem system to our WIFI infrastructure, which is a Cisco 2100 WLC?

Then I can cancel one of two internet bills!

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I'll be in the neighborhood tomorrow and can take a stab at it between 1 and 5pm.  Just let me know what time works best for you.

It would be nice to have this info when I get there:

  1. Location of the 2100
  2. Its IP address
  3. Its Admin user/pass
  4. Cisco TAC login (if you want the software updated)
  5. Static IPs/GW from TW if you have static IPs
  6. List of IPs currently in use
  7. Basic drawing of how the network is setup now
  8. How you would like it set up (DMZ/LAN extension/both)

- Tony


It's all set.  Bucketworks is now at 50/5Mbps.  I updated the firewall to 1.3.3 and changed it to use DHCP instead of the TDS static IP.  There is also a new higher-priority wireless network for paid members. If you ever make changes to the wireless controller, make sure to save the configuration to flash memory or it will be erased when it reboots.

Please note that anything that used the old IP address will need to be updated to use the dynamically-assigned TW IP. In my experience this address generally changes every six months to a year.