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BarCampMilwaukee6 Helpers


BarCampMilwaukee6 Helpers

Hello Bucketworks people...

As we get closer to October, and BarCamp, I will need answers from Bucketwoks folks.

Things like, "did this sponsor pay" or "will someone be at BW to sign for something" or "this company needs to be invoiced" or whatever...

Who will these people be?

If it is you, can you please join the BarCampMilwaukee group?

I believe BarCamp is the biggest/longest event Bucketworks does each year, so I will need help!


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Pete, it's me. What do you need? We can also coordinate with Sue from Accede who can handle a lot of the $ stuff.


Who will be there day of the event for staff?

Who will make sure the doors are open for set-up? (What time?)

Who can handle ordering food?

Who can handle explaining the "rules" of Bucketworks, tell people about parking, where the bathrooms are etc. (Bucketworks orientation.)


At least me and one other person can be there to help with these things the day of. I will help with ordering food. Jenn might be willing to help with this too.


Thanks James... Any Bucketworks personnel help is appreciated.

Things are coming together, a bit slow, but it's moving.

A few more sponsors and we should be set.

Also, I've outsourced the registration table, as you may already be aware.

Need help?


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