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Facility Manager


Facility Manager

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Facility Manager

Bucketworks is housed in a 26,000 sq ft facility in Walker’s Point. (Add info about the kinds of activities and businesses that run out of the space)

Job Description: Assist  Bucketworks leadership in managing the building needs on an ongoing basis. Perform a variety of routine servicing and repair operations to obtain a City of Milwaukee Occupancy License, as well as maintain the building, equipment, furnishings, parking lot, fixtures, and HVAC. Provide assistance to skilled tradesmen such as mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.

Location: 706 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53204

Position Type: Full-time  ???

Type of Employment: Direct Hire


  • Drive all identified construction projects needed to receive occupancy licensing.
  • Coordinate will all building, plumbing and/or electrical inspectors to ensure the building is up to code and to receive official occupancy licensing.
  • Maintain building, performing minor and routine painting, electrical, plumbing, clean-up and other related maintenance activities.
  • Perform monthly facility inspections and develop preventative maintenance plans.
    Maintain kitchen equipment, performing routine and special operations to assure kitchen and equipment are working and up to state specifications.
  • Maintain and repair, or oversee repair by outside tradesmen, all heating, air condition, and ventilating equipment.
  • Coordinate maintenance and upkeep services.
  • Maintain fire alarm equipment and conduct routine, random fire drills, (tests) of both agency buildings. Maintain all necessary equipment relevant to the safety and security.
  • Purchase materials and equipment needed to perform maintenance duties.
  • Purchase all needed supplies for the kitchen, bathroom and overall work space cleaning, including routine shopping trips to purchase items from supply lists.
  • Load and unload deliveries.
  • Provide assistance to all employees, following written work requests. Consult with Program Directors to clarify work requests and maintenance needs.
  • Assist in storing goods and materials.
  • Complete all work requests in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Assist in the training of any additional maintenance staff.
  • Coordinate and assist in snow removal.
  • Manage key assignments and minor locksmith repairs.
  • Other duties as assigned.


• Associate Degree and/or Certifications in refrigeration, boiler and or facility operations, five to ten years experience working with building maintenance including boiler and air conditioning operations, general building repairs and routine automobile maintenance. Possession of a valid driver’s license and a driving record meeting the driver selection standards as established by Bucketworks.
• Be familiar with computer control systems.
• Automobile insurance with liability limit of $100,000/$25,000 per Bucketworks’ personnel policies.
• Ability to serve as a positive adult role model to program participants.
• Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with vendors, staff members, and clients.
• Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and use of organization and time management skills.
• Basic computer skills in Outlook, Microsoft word and Excel.

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