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Add doors between the meetup space & gallery space

Task: Add doors between the meetup space & gallery space

Assigned To: 
Brian Miracle
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Oct 3
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Assigned To: »Jon Kelly
Due Date: »Friday, May 11

Jon, can you take a look at the video above and talk with Tommie about this concept? Post your thoughts here. Thanks!


Priority: Normal»High

I will talk with Tommy and get an estimate shortly. The biggest single cost outside of labor is of course the door itself.

A quality solid wood door can cost $400.00 each. I am going to rummage around the city for a more creative solution (i.e. used wood doors) and with Tommy can workup a final price. 

I am moving the priority to high as I think this is costing us money not having it. We need to be able to have two seperate events going on at the same time without interruption. 



The good news is most of the space already have door jams, so for many we can get pretty quickly and cheaply. 


Due Date: Friday, May 11»Friday, May 18

We will be looking at Lisbon Doors and Restore for repurposed doors for the space today and this weekend and will be able to have a solid game plan and completion timeline by Monday. 



Due Date: Friday, May 18»Friday, Jun 8

We have indentified doors that will work for all applications at Lisbon and Restore. Prices range from $35.00 to $75.00 per door which is very affordable. 

We are in the process of scheduling the work to be completed. 


Assigned To: Jon Kelly»Tim Syth

Reassigned to Tim.



Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Saturday, Aug 4

Updated due date.


Assigned To: Tim Syth»Brian Miracle
Due Date: »Wednesday, Oct 3

This absolutely has to be done before Barcamp Milwaukee 7 to prevent sound contamination between the rooms. Think it's possible?


Status: Open»Closed

No longer at 706.