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Add sliding doors in the loading dock

Task: Add sliding doors in the loading dock

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
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Assigned To: »Jon Kelly
Due Date: »Friday, May 11

Jon, can you take a look at this and come up with a budget/plan/timeline with Tommie? Thank you!


Due Date: Friday, May 11»Friday, Jun 8

We have looked into the sliding doors and do feel it is the better option. We are looking to build them ourselves and install as they are a custom project. We hope to have this completed by June 8th. I will post developments here. 


Assigned To: Jon Kelly»Tim Syth

Reassigned to Tim.



Status: Open»Deferred
Due Date: Friday, Jun 8»Tuesday, Jul 10

Deferring for the moment.


Status: Deferred»Closed
Due Date: »Sunday, Dec 22

No longer at 706.