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Add doors to Wiki Workshop

Task: Add doors to Wiki Workshop

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
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Assigned To: »Jon Kelly
Due Date: »Friday, May 11

Jon, can you take a look at this and post your thoughts on budget/timeline etc maybe with Tommie's input? Thank you!


We may not be able to do doors on both sides to to egrees issues. We need to make sure we have easy ways for people to exit the building if it is burning down. 

There are some larger ergress issues with the Wiki Workshop as a whole. I believe the way the landlord has the doors to the garage locked is a code violation if we install the doors. We need to have a direct exit route, currently the north stairway exits to the street, and a secondary route, which is currently through the boardroom. 

I will check the code and re-address this in a few days. 


Due Date: Friday, May 11»Monday, Jul 23

There are egress issues that need to be addressed.

This will be the most costly place that doors will be required. 

I am moving the date back 60 days and keeping this active but moving the priority to low and can revisit after some of the other building date tasks are completed. 


Assigned To: Jon Kelly»Tim Syth

Reassigned to Tym.


Due Date: Monday, Jul 23»Tuesday, Aug 7

Removed due date.


Status: Open»Closed
Due Date: »Sunday, Dec 22

No longer at 706.