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Repair the shower

Task: Repair the shower

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Wikispace Bathroom

I installed a showerhead and turned on the water... need to resolder a couple joints and replace the valve seals on the handles because of leaks... The drain needs to be purged and the Base needs to be re-sealed. I've got an inline Hot Water Heater but need to tie into natural gas and 110v electric. Also would like to replace the sink with a deep basin and comingled faucet industrial model.

Happy to take on this project and bring in friend whos a licensed electrician to handle the gas and electric. I can do the rest... but would want the parts and materials supplied by the building.

what say?


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Charlie, make me a list of what you need and we can get you the parts.


First thing.... Kat was talking about a sink for her work... thinking we should put it in the spray room North Wall.... so... I have a natural gas in-line heater... if I find a gas line... which i think I already did... we can tap it and run it along side the shower.

Then we can tap off it for the sink too... I'll need

a stainless Steel Sink

Trap/Drain hardware


Black pipe and fittings for Gas tap

(can source much of this through friends)




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Due Date: »Saturday, Sep 22

Duplicated task.