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Upgrade the Access Control System

Task: Upgrade the Access Control System

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Monday, Dec 3

Currently, the ACS is using Royce's v1.0 software and v2.0 hardware--Royce, I am guessing at the version numbers!--but the current system uses a text file based lookup list for members, who are each assigned an access code (or a unique keycard code.)

See Access Control System in the Notebook for background

Proposed upgrades:

Royce has installed software permitting a database lookup for access to the building, but we have not linked the ACS software to the database (MySQL) running on the server.

If we setup the database managing access control would be much easier--so that's step one. Step two, however, could prove interesting:

  1. Each member is assigned a private key and public key when they join.
  2. The member uses their private key to open the door (via database lookup, according to the access policy for their membership or use.)
  3. The member gives away their public key to their friends, contacts, and visitors.
  4. When member guests arrive at the space, they enter the public key into the door system.
  5. The ACS looks up the member associated with the public key in the database, and then notifies the member that their guest is present using any number of options: text, email, IFTT update, tweet; whatever the member prefers. 
  6. Thus, the public key becomes both a doorbell and a calling card--"I am here to meet you at the space" as well as "I was at the space to meet you, but you weren't there."

I know this second use is more conceptual, but I think it would be simple to implement--perhaps we can hook it into Drupal's messaging system and use all the inbuilt modules for sms and tweets and whatnot. Or perhaps we could use Tropo for this. 

What do you think?

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Friggin awesome!!!  Seriously, I was hoping for a way to do exectly this... we all have some kind of sorta smart device so a txt or sms would be excellent... what about also hardwiring a bell in three locations? First Floor, Second Floor Front and Second Floor Back Room? What do we need? I'll make this a priority if I can help with data entry or cabling... I'm not a code warrior.


Dan, check out the first tweet from another hackerspace in this pic:

Could our router be configured to tweet when the last person connects to wifi, and when the first person does each day? This could be a fun way to let people know who is at the space.

Could also be cool to post updates on who enters/leaves the building, but I know that's a whole new can of worms.



Assigned: Unassigned » James Carlson

Assigning this to myself so it's on someone's plate. 

Step one is just to get us using the Mysql database. 

We could also participate in the Access Control in Hacker/Makerspaces (Blog entry in Space Federation) discussion as it unfolds!

The smart doors are key to Bucketworks being a transparent and social place.


Hum.... well if were going to do this we need to move the door controls to a new box for one seeing current machine has a hdd error.... as to the twitter. Um .. dont know if it would be practical.... there would need to be a login thinng like the capive portal on the free wifi but for members on the pro network.


Assigned To: James Carlson»Tim Syth
Due Date: »Thursday, May 31

Tim I am moving this onto your plate as I know you are talking with Royce about it already. Where is this at? Are we on the DB yet?

As I look at this task, I think we should just turn this whole thing into a project and break up the bullet points in the description of this task into tasks within that project. This would be a good assignment for Jamie to set up. What do you think?


I will take a look router wise.... ill have to see if the wlc has for options snmp wise


Sounds awesome to me!


we have made some progress on the soon to be irc bot :).




My thoughts:

Stick to SMS on the phone and email for notification of visitors. Detecting wifi access is impossible because you'd need to know every device I use to detect me,  and poll the list of connected devices to tell when I'm there.

Everyone has a phone, and most accept texts. If they don't they can use email. 


Due Date: Thursday, May 31»Saturday, Aug 4

Touched base with Royce via email. Hoping to move the DB system as soon as it is feasible. All other upgrades will have to come after that.


Due Date: »Saturday, Aug 4

is there a plan to migrate to a newer box?
or using a db offsite?


Due Date: »Tuesday, Aug 7

I would like to migrate to a newer box. I am thinking when Royce comes we just set up the new one then. Dan, do you have enough info to have the box ready?


Due Date: »Tuesday, Aug 7

i will look around and see whats avilable for a box. i might just go and get a used machine from work :).



Due Date: »Saturday, Aug 18

What about a "The Door is Propped Open" screamer? How could we implement this?

We probably want something super super loud that starts screaming about 10 seconds after the door is propped open. Is there a quick Home Depot level solution for the door-is-propped alarm?



Due Date: »Saturday, Aug 18

everything i have seen dose not have a delay its open and buz or ding... i know how we will trigger it to go off just need to find something that has a delay... if i have to ill program something to do it.


Due Date: »Monday, Dec 3

Bumping update for deadline to Dec 3, just to keep this top of our minds. We're adding new pads by upstairs doors; looks like one is in place.


DB system has been installed, but there are a few kinks to work out prior to going live. Next meeting on this is 7pm, 11/1/12.


Status: Open»Closed

No longer at 706.