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Create a page featuring Meetups

Task: Create a page featuring Meetups

Assigned To: 
Armando Martinez
Due Date: 
Thursday, Aug 2

Gather information on all the meetups that currently happen at Bucketworks:

  • RubyMKE
  • Web414
  • GLCC

etc., and create a page that simply features each one and describes:

  • When it happens
  • What it is
  • Who leads it

And heavily link each of these pages to the relevant:

  • website
  • facebook page
  • twitter account
  • page

And also, use this to tie into the meetups promotion that you are working on.

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Due Date: »Sunday, May 6

check it:


Due Date: »Friday, May 4

Good start. Here are my notes, which go with the image:

  1. Increase size of this heading, so it's the same size as 4
  2. Establish hierarchy visually. The title of the meetup is smaller than the name of its leader. Put name of leader directly under the gray box. Link to the facilitator's twitter feed / facebook profiles. List all facilitators--PHP has 3 people, not just Aaron. This information is on the Meetup page. Consider what is most important: Name of meetup, Date and Time, Organizer, Description, Social Media Links. Does the current layout reinforce this hierarchy?
  3. Remove white space.
  4. See 2.
  5. Put these on the right hand side of the description, to compress space. 




here is a screenshot from my skitch, it's not letting me embed for some reason. 

I'm having some trouble with the vertical allignment of the second two boxes, I tried reformatting everything and it didn't seem to make a difference. If anyone has any advice I'd be very appreciative. 

let me know what you think. 


add dc414?



Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Dan Walters

Dan - How embarassing. I'm fixing that right now. My only thought is for organizers, I noticed on the DC414 contact page everyone uses their handle instead of their real name. Would you like me to keep that scheme here as well?  


for me it dose not matter but the rest of the guys they would like to have there handel. Boils down to the fact some of them dont want there info out there :P. So you can keep me as Dan Walters i have no issues w/ that but the rest of the guys would like there handel.



how about a link to our website? lol... instead of flicker, i Do not belive we even have a flicker to be honest lol...



Assigned To: Dan Walters»Sasha Hay

(I'm reassigning back to me since I received a response)

Hey Dan,

Take a look again. It might have been a cache you were looking at. You guys don't have a flickr, but I  found a picasa, and I linked to that.

As for a link to your homepage, the title is a link. Will that do? I realize our formatting's a little odd, do you think people will figure that out or is it too sneaky? If there's anything else you'd like to add to the description, I'm open to feedback. Unless I've overlooked something, every one of the linked soc media sites I found just had an about section stating, " Your Milwaukee area DEFCON group."

Do we assume that the people who are seeking out dc414 are already knowledgeable enough to know what it is? How do people typically hear about dc414? 

Let me know what you think. Thank you for the input!


looks good to me :).

as to how people hear about it, Its mainly word of mouth i dont think anyone has shown up cause of website stuff so far..

We havent done any metrics yet that would tell us other wise...


okay cool. Thanks Dan. 

Any other beef from Tim or James? or can I resolve this?


I think thats it... unless there are other meetings.


we have located a spelling error..

can you change oppertunity -> opportunity


also ngharo's email is not ngh :P.


fixed on both accounts. 


Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Tim Syth

How does this look by you tim? can we resolve? 


Assigned To: Tim Syth»Sasha Hay

Looks good. Take it live and resolve.


Assigned To: Sasha Hay»Armando Martinez

Use that a resource to put the blurbs and social media links into the dev WP install.


Due Date: Friday, May 4»Thursday, Aug 2

Updated due date.


Status: Open»Resolved

Meetup page has been created.