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Design Twitter Profile Backgrounds and Themes

Task: Design Twitter Profile Backgrounds and Themes


Please create on-brand and stylish Twitter profile designs for the following accounts:

  • startanything
  • bucketworks
  • schoolfactory
  • spacefederation
  • gwoborg
  • web414

Submit completed designs here when done. You can use a template to 'simulate' what the theme would look like when it's in place.

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Post the backgrounds you showed me here, so I can show them off to others please!


Here are the designs so far: 



Space Fed (bg# ECF8FE)

and GWOBorg (bg # 7CC242)


Still working on start anything, and web414.

James, I could really use a photoshop or illustrator file of the Start Anything logo.

The web414 background is forthcoming. 


Grab it from this PDF. It's #2. I'm updating the others on the accounts.


Here's an example of how School Factory looks. Looks a lot cleaner!

What do you think? Should we change the links colors? 

I'm wondering if the text size of the URLs in the sidebar is readable or large enough to be readable. 

What about adding a little icon or graphic for some of the activities of the School Factory, like Space Federation, Bucketworks along the side as you've done with the other bits?

(click to expand)


I don't know. I really like the way this looks. I know you've mentioned in further comments below about avoiding doubling the logos. I agree in the case of BW but I really kind of like this one. 

I like the way you edited the font size in your edit as well. I think it would be beneficial to change the link color to red to tie the theme together. I'll get on that right away. 

Adding icons is a good idea. I'll set about making some similar to the social networking icons i made here. Even if we don't use them for this I'm sure they'll be useful in the future. 


Seeing this and the Bucketworks twitter background--would it work better if we just left the logo off the background entirely, since we know it'll end up being the profile pic? Then there aren't two logos on the layout. What do you think?


This screencap has me confused. I designed the widths of the backgrounds according to Twitter's specifications. They should be the maximum guaranteed width that's allowed without any of the center content overlapping, regardless of screensize. I wonder if they've changed their guidelines in the past two weeks? Is this a screencap from your mac or your ipad?  It looks the same as your screencap on my netbook.  

In this case, I completely agree with you though, that we should cut the logo from the side portion. It doesn't correlate with the profile icon very well. 

I would like to play with the theme a bit too. (namely changing the linkcolor to the bucketworks red and tweaking the bg color. )


How about doing something like this that has little tiles for each of the programs with a usable logo?


So apparently the recent twitter redesign means that there's no guaranteed space for a background on any twitter account. This is a little problematic but not terrible. 

I've also made a few different versions of the school factory twitter background that should be more palatable. one is just the icons like you described, one has the new icons with the logo. and one has the logo taken out so it's just the school factory text and the icons. (I'd recommend the third. 

What do you think? 


I'm attaching the Startup Accelerator twitter background. It is meant to be placed on a green background with the hexidecimal # 93C83E. It's super minimal, as this seems to be the best approach so far. It is extra long, in hopes of filling the whole left column. I'd like to experiment with this approach. 

The pdf you attached has a number of fonts I couldn't find for free online. James, do you have any of these? I already asked Tim. I would like these so that I can make an icon out of one of the logos. 






And just to be clear, there is no difference between Start Anything and Startup Accelerator, right? 


Assigned: Sasha Hay » James Carlson

Bump. James could you help me out with my requests from the previous post? 


Assigned: James Carlson » Sasha Hay

Sasha I don't have any of those fonts; and yes, Start Anything and StartupAccelerator are part of the same whole. Start Anything is a meetup that goes with the StartupAccelerator unconferences.


Status: Open»Closed
Due Date: »Sunday, Dec 22

Not needed right now.