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Drawcamp update

Not too much to report right now.

Venue: BYO Studio Lounge

Date: Sunday 10/23/11

I haven't been promoting it yet- I was going to wait until September.
I'm planning to go to Sketchcamp in Chicago on 10/22 also if anyone wants to drive down together.


Just noticed today that the next DrawCamp has been scheduled:!/DrawCamp/status/97700394532212736

Is this still the place where planning / discussion will happen?

DrawCamp Planning Session?

We have been talking about this event for a while, but let's get together and plan it. Daria, who else should we invite to this group to discuss the event?

Things to cover:

  • Collaborating in OpenAtrium to keep everyone on track
  • Date after PhotoCamp (see Pete's blog Upcoming Events)
  • Who could do what
  • Who would present
  • What is our sponsorship goal?

When should we talk about these items?

Need help?


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