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Geeks Without Bounds

Geeks Without Bounds is an accelerator for humanitarian projects.

We are aiming at inviting our first round of incubatees from RHoK#6 in June 2012. You can help us do this by getting involved or assisting with sponsorship.

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Considering a different task management platform

I've been using Basecamp for a my work with ATT lately. It's a lower barrier to entry than Atrium, and includes private discussion area. Thoughts? Pros? Cons?

Accelerator updates

I've had a one-on-one session with each of the teams to be sure of their needs and flow for them. Posts on all that, also introducing them on their own (not just the winning team blog post thing that went live) are scheduled for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Sponsor: Softlayer

Softlayer has just offered to sponsor hackathons that GWOB is working with in 2(.5) ways.

  • We can request temp server space for each hackathon - number and type of installs. They'll take care of it. Need 72 hours notice.
  • After 10 days, a ping goes out for if the team is continuing. If they are, it gets moved to their launch program which involves a year of $1k/month in server use.
  • They also offered to cover food or beer for occasional events. Just need to ping as a request. Prefer it has to do with humanitarian response.

Letter to Funders from EdgeCamp


I'd very much like to have this as part of the GWOB MO. What are everyone's thoughts?

via Ella (thank you)


Dear Funders

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Brainstorming: Structuring the RHoK-GWoB relationship for fun and profit

On today's call, I heard a few ideas about how to improve our process. I think I have an idea that could address a lot of our concerns. Please comment and help me see whether there's anything to it?

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Scheming for next RHoK

  1. Have a kid-friendly area. Do things like Scratch and Alice, ask them to help design things.
  2. Actual hardware focus.
    1. Donald of Suspect Devices is game to work with this. Thinking SEA, PDX, SFO, BOS as potential venues for this.
    2. Shift Labs would be up to help us.
    3. Eric R has a list of Arduino and Android projects

Mission Statement

Up to this point, our mission statement has been both: "linking hacker and maker communities to humanitarian organizations" as well as a riff on the MSF motto. Our About page currently states that "Geeks Without Bounds will create better tools and the transition necessary to integrate them more effectively into both global response awareness and affected populations."

Does this still hold true? I would plot our goals as follows:

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Meeting with AT&T as a sponsor of GWOB

I met with Alex Donn and some other lovely folk in AT&T's developer community team. We talked about them partnering with Geeks Without Bounds in the following ways:

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Accounting and Fundraising update

I updated the sponsorship page to include specific numbers and objectives.

I added a link to the newly published page about our accounting now being transparent. Waiting on School Factory to get the "real" numbers to me - I only have my own receipts and accounts, not the official thing, so the current document is an estimate.

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