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Selection Criteria

We will be bringing on our first round of teams for mentoring in June. How will we select these teams? I'll get us started:

  • Solid skill set : examples of previous work
  • Work well together as a team (how can we tell?)
  • Code on a public repository : committed to open source ideology
  • Connects to other resources:
    • Worked across cities
    • Continued development on existing tool
    • Uses existing infrastructure in a new way

What else?

May Adivsory Board Call

Hey gang, it's time for our call, and there's so much to update you about.

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cross post with RHoK

Following is the 2-part blog entry with RHoK about our sustainability partnership.

Please provide any feedback by this Thursday at 9a PST.


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About Tor

Tor is a worldwide network of proxies run by volunteers. They donate a chunk of their bandwidth to disguise the origin of others.

How it works

Tor establishes random encrypted tunnels between nodes in the network. The connections themselves are mixed to obfuscate the relation between incoming and outgoing ones. This way a passive observer only sees connections going into the network and coming out of the network, but is unable to correlate them.

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6-minute video overview of GWOB Incubator

James and I made a pass at a voiceover video of the prezi. Take a look, let us know what you think!

After approval, will be sent out to potential partners and investors. Which means, please post a comment with feedback so we know we have the go-ahead (and that you're interacting ok with Atrium

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What's next? Post advisory board call.

What do you all think next priorities are, and which of those are you willing to take on?

I see a definite need to rewrite the Incubator doc to be clearer and to also match the Prezi. I also see a need for a list of people to start inquiries about fundraising. And, as discussed on the call, we need some non-Westerners on the adivsory board. What else do you all think?

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GWOB as an Incubator - call on Friday for advisory board

The last year and few months have been incredibly exciting. We learned a lot about the ecosystem of humanitarian and disaster response, especially where digital humanitarians fit in. We're having a call this Friday at 09:00 PST to discuss this new direction, to explicitly invite people to join the adivsory board, and decide next tangible steps. If you haven't been invited to join this call but feel you should be, please post a comment or send me an e-mail.


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Are you guys doing this problem in San Francisco?

I've been going through problems on the RHOK site to suppliment the ones we got from our local SMEs. (Right now, we're expecting around 50 people and we've only got 9 problem definitions picked out, so, I figured I'd grab a few extra just in case)

Anyway, this problem seems interesting and it has "San Francisco" listed in it:

So, I was wondering if you guys were going to be "promoting" that problem at your event?

Common Threads Suggestions for RHoK Problem Definitions

Connect Citizens to Updates of River / Wetland Restoration Projects


Bicycle Commute Mapping for Improved Transportation Planning and to Encourage more / safer Bicycle Commuting.


Also, theres a Haiti security app PD that looked well-written.


I chose the first two because I believe that these topics will strike a chord with people from all three cities, since biking and waterway restoration are part of daily life and news in SF, Portland/SEA, and MKE.

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One last RHoK call...


For the three cities. Is everything on track?

Please take a look thru problem definitions so we can decide on at least two to work on together.

Who is facilitating each event? Who are your SMEs?

Do you have tshirts printed up? Food ordered?

What are loose schedules so we can better sync?


Add other pertinent questions in the comments. Update atrium cases as best you can before the call and review others'.


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