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Onboard Intern Johannes

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Task: Onboard Intern Johannes

Assigned To: 
Due Date: 
Sunday, Feb 12

Welcome to Johannes, our German intern!

Steps to onboard:

  • Send off internship letter on School Factory letterhead
  • Set Johannes up with e-mail
  • ... with an Atrium account
  • ... with posting access to
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James, please take a look at the Internship letter.

When it is approved, please let me know and pass the case back on to me. Deadline is Thursday, 2/9 EOD.


Assigned: James Carlson » Willow Brugh

Letter looks good. Perhaps add a section on what their outcomes would be--will we give Johannes a resume entry? Reference letter? Otherwise, made only one correction.

Are you able to set up accounts and whatnot?


Status: Closed » Open
Assigned: hf » Willow Brugh

At least I found my way in thanks to Willow. To all gwob-creatures: hello world!


Assigned: Willow Brugh » Diggz

Yay! Welcome!

The last thing you need to be set up on is with

Diggz, can you do that? I did WP, but don't have Apps access.


Status: Open»Resolved

As done as it's going to be!