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Advisory Board Responsibilities

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Advisory Board Responsibilities


The ORG:Join us for a quarterly call to cover updates and future direction. This calls will never be longer than 90 minutes, and will be tailored for best fit across all participating calendars. At times, calls up to once per month may be necessary.
Locate and assist in achieving funding to support staff for the organization itself. We are looking to raise $4m in grants, donations, and investments to cover the first two years.
Incubation:Be available during RHoK (or other designated hackathon) presentations twice a year to remotely view talks given by potential incubatees. From those presentations, convene with the advisory board to select teams to invite.
Determine how teams are chosen, what metrics are applied, etc.
Provide mentorship or access to mentors for teams. Mentor roles are provided compensation for their time.
Provide suggestions and contact for potential hiring/purchasing organizations or investors for the teams.
Determine timelines for developers - expectations, metrics, consequences for not meeting those

We expect the monthly commitment to be around 7 hours, 15 on months which include mentoring incubatees. We endeavor for this to be work that comes joyfully to you, and of which you can be proud. It is requested that advisory board members participate for a 1 or 2 year period.

Onboarding:Attendees of the Friday February 10th call will be requested to join the advisory board for one to two years. Additional members may be added into the group upon discussion between the GWOB team and the advisory board.
We will do a separate call to set up and instruct the advisers on how to use Open Atrium, our task management system.
A second call will involve constructing and disseminating board structure and division of responsibility.
Offboarding:If it becomes clear that an individual cannot adhere to the time commitment, expectations, or ideologies of Geeks Without Bounds, we request that they remove themselves and suggest someone to take their place. If an individual misses more than two calls in a row, without sufficient followup (as determined by consensus of the rest of the board), they will be asked to step down.


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