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Daniel Pepper (their lead) sez:

The Project

A leading non-profit healthcare organization in rural India, JSS (, is building an open-source health information system (“Raxa”) and is seeking a few energetic, talented volunteers.  In a catchment area of about 300,000, JSS operates a multi-nodal hospital, three remote village sub-centers, and an extensive public health outreach program with 104 community health workers. 

JSS’ founding doctors hail from AIIMS, the premier teaching hospital in south Asia, and a stepping stone to healthcare organizations in the US and Europe.  Instead of following that path and contributing to India’s brain drain, the doctors established JSS in one of the least developed states in the country, ten years ago.  Today, in furthering their vision of high-quality healthcare for the poor, JSS has set forth the ambitious goal of transitioning from its current paper-based recordkeeping system to a cloud-based digital Health Information System.  This project will undoubtedly benefit tens of thousands of people in the near term and many more in the long term. 

Totally free & open source software

This project not only involves building a health information system for JSS, grounded in the data model of the robust and field-tested OpenMRS platform ( ), but also making this system modular, extensible, freely and widely available for other organizations to implement as easily as possible in the future. 

In a sense, we are making a canonical open-source point-of-care system, one that will hopefully be the seed for a large number of such developments in the future.  Already, healthcare organizations in Cambodia, Kenya, Israel, Armenia, Nepal and the United States have expressed interest in this platform, with its mixture of voice recognition technology, cutting edge design and sophisticated back-end analytics.    

We need your help! 

The project already has a small but dedicated group of very talented volunteer contributors in the US and India, but is looking for an additional handful of skilled designers, developers and health information specialists to round out the team. Extensive documentation about the project is available.  

  • Developers. Are you a JavaScript expert? We're using Sencha Touch and ExtJs4 to build our point-of-care experience on mobile and desktop devices. Prefer Java and the server-side? We're also extending and improving REST web services and database components in OpenMRS.  

  • Designers. Ready to revolutionize user-experience in healthcare? Do you have experience with UI/UX design and/or graphic / visual design?  We want your creativity and critical eye to take our usability and graphics to the next level.

  • Other contributors. Want to help but don't see yourself in one of the above roles? Please get in touch and tell us what you can bring to the project. This is very much a ‘big tent’ initiative.

For more information about JSS itself please see the link above and this news item about its work:

Please contact  and visit our project wiki at: (new website forthcoming)

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