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Revision of Review budget from Fri, 2012-03-23 12:13

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Task: Review budget

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Wednesday, Mar 28

Make sure Willow's accounting matches the School Factory's books.

Google Doc is shared, please let me know if you have issues seeing it. Called "Geeks Without Bounds Master Budget"

As of March, we should have about $12k according to my estimates.

Last check in was that Tim and James were working on balancing books and would be done by around this time. More specific timeline can be dug out of chatlogs upon request.

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Status: Open»Duplicate

Folded into "Make Accounting Transparent"


I think it's done. Take a look, anyone who'd care to - I'd like to make a post about it on the GWOB site soon.


I'll also add it to our About page.

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