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Mark Iliffe TAARIFA

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Mark Iliffe TAARIFA

Working with the bank, mapping slums.

Thinking about becoming a foundation.

Deployed with ministry of local gov in Uganda, making platform adjustments based on that. Came from a weekend effort up to this. How do we make it further?

How do we articulate our difference from Ushahidi, which we are built from? 20 contributers, not all programmers. Aiming to increase transparency in governments and organizations in civil projects. Bridge between funders and people who need things. Reporting platform.

It's about making a report. A "fix my slum" type application. Identify issues in their community. Don't have iPhone or Android support, but have HTML5 base so *any* browsing phone can use it. Leverage API. Works well in mobile browser.

Internal workflow for reports. Has accountability built in for "and now so-and-so should fix it". Don't have the people power to do that, but the software has that capability built in.

Have a student rewriting in Djanga and Python.

Need volunteers and help with messaging.

Going to send a grant writer our way. May have a way of helping each other with grant writing and fiscal sponsorship.

Need help?


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