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Alix of Engine Room

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Alix of Engine Room

Aaron and Willow on call with Alix

Engine Room does training support and technology development, orgs who want to support advocacy. Half research, half coordination. No direct services. Right now working on the Social Tech Census. Who's working around you in your language. Also working on Tech Scape, which is civil society and advocacy groups to see how people are using technology. What they see as useful to help them get better with tech.

Ideas are really cool, but hunting for context. Or people in situation that don't have the skills or knowledge to find or build a solution.

Going to keep them in the loop about the invited teams, try to match up with potential users.

Academic track of Global Voices summit. Building out, piloting. Modules of TechScape specific to different sectors. Working with a number of organizations. Basic understanding of what context things would fit in. Will be an open data set (to the extent it's safe).

Exporing the idea of beta testing networks. Could potentially do that with our teams.

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