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May Adivsory Board Call

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May Adivsory Board Call

Hey gang, it's time for our call, and there's so much to update you about.

We'll be doing the 6-month prototype run of GWOB Acceleration, starting at June's RHoK. There are mentors lined up, and a good flow of how to engage participants. We'll be asking for hopefulls to submit a 5-minute video to us by June 10th, and to have decided on our 3 invitees and 1 back-up by June 20th. You'll need to set aside a chunk of time between the 10th and 15th to review the videos on your own, and then we'll do a group call to discuss sometime between the 15th and 18th. The detailing document has been shared with each of the advisors, please provide feedback there.

We're officially a sustainability partner with Random Hacks of Kindness. We're also working closely with Benetech to compliment and support each other.

Where we've been looking for funding, and what we've been saying - Yahoo!, Innovation Endeavors, AT&T, crowd funding

The legal future - should we go for our own 501c3? It seems wise for the long run.

Participation in the SpaceApps Challenge, and upcoming with HOPE

What else would you like to cover?

Please indicate your availability for this hour-long call here:

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Sorry folks, I'll be on a plane at the time of the advisory board meeting. I got on board with atrium a bit late but I hope now I can remain caught up and on top of these things.

Again, my apologies.


Call in is 916.209.4534 pin 2935470


And piratepad for notes:


IRS Publication 557  "Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization"


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