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2012.05.11 call with Benetech, RHoK, SpaceApps

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2012.05.11 call with Benetech, RHoK, SpaceApps

On call: Gerardo, Elizabeth, Diggz, Cristina, Nick, Willow, Celine

Recap from Amnesty call. How to mitigate risk for at-risk populations as they travel. Last known location, safe houses to check into. Alert others. Will be a challenge in San Francisco and Berlin.


  • Potential event at Crisis Mappers in DC in Oct. How much time are we going for, how many attendees? What are objectives?
  • Hackathon at Crisis Mappers
  • Hackthon best practices and software platform - all event leads unconference : separate event
  • Create a short video to be shown at the beginning in each location for RHoK about the sustainability partnership : our objectives, what we're offering, and what we're looking for. At the end of the event, local leads remind groups to submit a 5-minute video to Benetech and GWOB. Can we have contact for potential ambassadors?
  • Coordinate across cities before the event - we need to perfect this before we ever venture into disaster scenarios. Need a contact for each location and for each challenge.
  • Ideally, each location would have a local organizer, a local facilitator, and an ambassador to tie into the larger network.

Hackthon Unconference - put out doodle (Will puts it together, 2M puts out), at least 4 months out. Drexel (Michael), DC public library (Gerardo), Wilson Center (Willow), Uni of Maryland (Nicholas) as locations (must have solid internet connection) - location after date
ICCM - Oct 12-14 in DC. How can the hackathon scene tie into the longer-term view and ecosystem of organizations? Do a session and possibly a hackathon. (Heather?)

Next RHoK will feature an invitation to tweak the RHoK site. - send to Michael
* problem definitions they’ve worked on
* likelihood of showing up
* challenges they were interested in
* challenge the worked on
* how the team did
Benetech will put modules out for devs to use on their iterations

Michael, Gerardo, Chad in touch about best way to develop RHoK site. (M)

Put together video - it’s a go.
Clear way to get ahold of us - Benetech and GWOB
If someone is really interested in this at your location, please put us in touch with them so we can ask them to do follow up for the location.

Goals of cross-city coordination:
* way to participate in feature problems even when not geographically present - clearly link to owner
* cross-city collaboration on same problem - ask Pineapple Project
* what challenge where, with contacts for each - quick subscribe to a project. Make note of your project here with contact. Option to take lead
* projects that work well with virtual participation
Encourage engagement with other cities. Prizes? Talk about how difficult this sort of thing is, ask people to figure out how. What tools worked? Include in follow up survey.
* key people in multiple cities with clear objective of doing this, document results
* clicking “get involved” subscribes to a listserv

Things before event:
* how to use GitHub
* how to use IRC

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