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Summit for RHoK event leads

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Task: Summit for RHoK event leads

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh
Due Date: 
Thursday, Jul 5

It would be rad to have a RHoK summit to speak about best practices, what we need out a collaboration platform, and how to work better together. Ideally close to ICCM (Oct 11-14).

Willow will set up a doodle for timing.

Second Muse will get doodle out to event leads

After timing is determined, The following venues will be investigated: Drexel (Michael), DC public library (Gerardo), Wilson Center (Willow), Uni of Maryland (Nicholas) as locations (must have solid internet connection)

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Status: Open»Resolved

This is on RHoK's plate.


We are on top of this, though we're looking at next spring rather than Oct.  An email will hit your inbox soon!

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