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Meeting with AT&T as a sponsor of GWOB

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Meeting with AT&T as a sponsor of GWOB

I met with Alex Donn and some other lovely folk in AT&T's developer community team. We talked about them partnering with Geeks Without Bounds in the following ways:

  • Linking hackathons and promoting GWOB at their hackathons (our logos going on each other's efforts).
  • Monetary compensation for the organization and facilitation of those hackathons (basically, my time).
  • Potential stipends for teams or bounties for projects getting to market.
  • Connections to other organizations for those stipends or bounties if AT&T cannot support

What do you all think? Questions, feedback welcome.

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I think this sounds fantastic.


I just got an official offer on this, so if you all can let me know what you think it would be ideal. I think it's a good fit, especially to gain more fundraising connections, add to visibility, and as a really solid base line as we enter into the prototype round.

I'd like this to build into a partnership, not GWOB being a subsiderary of ATT. One way of doing this would be to transition an additional person into the role of main contact for this relationship.

We're all super busy with RHoK this weekend, but let's take a bit to think this over.


Alex is in San Fran at RHoK.  I feel we should structure this as a Sponsorship (much like the Tropo sponsorship).  I will speak with Alex about this type of agreement to keep GWOB (and Willow) independent of any single organization.  We have already had some discussion around this and I think we can come to an agreement.

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