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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Up to this point, our mission statement has been both: "linking hacker and maker communities to humanitarian organizations" as well as a riff on the MSF motto. Our About page currently states that "Geeks Without Bounds will create better tools and the transition necessary to integrate them more effectively into both global response awareness and affected populations."

Does this still hold true? I would plot our goals as follows:

  • Via technical skillsets, increase the effectiveness of response organizations as well as furthering the spread of democratization of technology and response.
  • Introduce traditional humanitarian organizations to the tools new technologies can provide.
  • Increase the number of technically skilled people contributing humanitarian response.
  • Support and add to existing humanitarian efforts. Only create new efforts when experience, need, and ability meet.
  • Create the ability for people with technical skillsets to sustain themselves while contributing to humanitarian response. Do so in a way which is also sustainable for the customer base.
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For the short moment I looked at it... It's a great start.  Mission statements are always fun :)



We need to state that more succinctly.  Mission statement and list of goals are not the same.  I suggest we do an exercise to ferret this out.
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